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Top E-commerce WordPress Themes

As an e-commerce business, the importance of having a website which not only looks good but functions to a high degree is second to none. Fundamentally, through your website you want to sell items to the public; the more attractive and easy-to-use your website is will simply result in more items being sold. Wordpress can be a powerful tool when it comes to website design; many websites are built using this platform due to its raw potential in building highly professional-looking e-commerce websites. From investing in set themes, you can transform your website into something special. Here are the some of the top e-commerce WordPress themes that are out there.  




Origami is a smart WordPress theme, which has the ability to be a full webshop or just a regular website if you choose ecommerce is not for you. Packed with features, this easy-to-navigate website ticks all the boxes. As with any ecommerce business, the homepage is the most important; Origami features a slider, box for messages, featured posts, categorised posts and even a space for a twitter feed for business. Ecommerce-wise, Origami supports tax, different payment options, retains user account information, postage & packaging information plus a wealth of other helpful features.  

Bistro - $55

Bistro is perhaps one of the most flexible ecommerce themes out there; it looks clean, efficient and modern, with consistent design through all the pages. Built using different script-writing programs (such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and WordPress Ecommerce), you can fully customise your site to make it look fully individual. On top of this, Bistro is fully responsive to the device that you view it on; it will look amazing on tablet, iPhone & laptop alike….which is imperative for any business.

Lookshop - $55

Lookshop uses multiple colour schemes to help your website stick out from the rest. Using the Wordpress ecommerce plugin, your site will be a cut above the rest for sure. Lookshop is responsive, easy-to-use and comes packed with many features, including:

  • Custom sliders
  • Filterable image gallery
  • Dynamic quantity changer
  • Social media plugins

On top of this, Lookshop also features multiple blog layout options (Pinterest style /magazine style) and a full colour/texture plan to match your branding.

Storefront - $55

Storefront  is designed so that online shoppers can purchase items, quick and easy. It is also possible to use Storefront in conjunction with WorPpress 3.4 & WP ecommerce 3.8.8. With Storefront less is definitely more, with images and distracting flash facets down to a minimum. A nice little touch about this theme is that of you have any problems with this theme, you can email the creator personally.

RGB Store - $55

RGB Store is a modern theme which comes in three colours; red, green and blue. For those of us who want an instantly recognisable ecommerce site which does the job, look no further than the RGB store. Consistent design with easy navigation, the RGB could be the no-fuss theme you are looking for.


Kauri comes with four different skins, with completely diverse styles, so that you can find the right look for your business. Highly responsive to viewing platforms, Kauri’s elegant designs really contribute towards to the overall feel of your business. On top of choosing from four skins there is a whole colour pallet available, not to mention Google fonts, slider styles and custom backgrounds. 

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