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How to write Great SEO content

A discussion on SEO never ends without a mention of creating unique quality content. While I wouldn’t dare to differ from this basic fact, I’d like to differ on popular notions of quality content.  For me quality content is content that gives me what I’m looking for. Ask any guy offering professional SEO services, and he’ll tell you that good content is one that helps him attract links. But we’re talking of content in terms of the average searcher. For instance, if I was looking for information on Hailey’s comet to help my daughter with her science project, the last thing that I want is high brow information that discusses about the subject in detail. I need something that explains in simple language about the comet. Now that’s what SEO content is all about! To give people what they want and are looking for.

Easier said than done, you’d say. But the trick here is to think about words that a user is likely to type when looking for an answer for his question and then construct an article around these words. This includes including these words (keywords) and presenting it in a manner that’s easily comprehended by the targeted reader. It certainly does not help to use sophisticated words and sound pedant when addressing a school going crowd. But at the same time, if you’re writing to a mature audience, don’t sound patronizing.

Now that it’s clear that you’ve chosen your audience and are planning an article that intends to answer questions posed by them, the next step is to decide on the actual content. A major reason, why content farms were hit by the Google Panda update was because of their low information value. For example, a person looking for information on replacing a vinyl window wouldn’t be pleased with an article that explained the material that goes into making a vinyl window. Nor would she be pleased with an article that explained about the safety procedures that have to be followed before installing a vinyl window.

A majority of these articles are written by sweat shop styled SEO content developing companies, whose only aim is to provide affordable search engine optimization. The content lacks style and substance; in fact the prose used in these articles is so odd that it almost seems extraterrestrial!

The article that you write should be beyond general and basic knowledge. And if it is an opinion on something or someone, make sure that you are decisive. Authors who do not have an opinion on the subject of their content often end up as trash.

Of course you can seek help from a company that provides professional SEO services by getting the content written by them, but make sure that these aren’t targeted towards audiences looking for a detailed explanation.

So the next time someone offers you SEO guruspeak, and preaches you to write unique and quality content…do yourself a favor and skip his page.  

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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