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Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting. What you need to know?

The majority of the users don’t have a proper awareness to identify the both terms are similar however differences haven't be clear to the common user.

What exactly is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is actually a business where companies provide server space for websites or applications for the users in return to get a paid amount. The servers are remotely located at various locations worldwide, in rare case physical access is available to the servers.

Different types of Web Hosting:

Shared Web Hosting is probably the basic hosting form as well as the cheapest too. Shared web hosting means sharing a server rack with various clients. A client pays to service provider a small amount for any small space from the server. That server is also shared by various other clients of the provider. Resources are equally shared between the clients.

Virtual Private Hosting is a medium hosting form. This sort of hosting is bought by mid ranged users or business organizations which may have a large traffic flow for their website along with they will require full server slot. In this form if a user pays he receives his personal small server where he has the full access to the resources along with the context in the server.

Dedicated Hosting is a premium web hosting service. Big companies which require the maximum level of resources select this Hosting. In this particular form if a user pays he gets a complete server along with specs and as Virtual Private Hosting he has the full access to the equipment and the context in the server.

What exactly is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is usually a type of hosting in which the servers are placed globally and the user’s data if uploaded is shared and hosted amongst those servers.

Different types of Cloud Hosting?

Saas is one of this forms of cloud computing and gives an infrastructure for applications for being hosted and used just as the local apps but in the cloud.

ServiceThis is also the main form and functions as a hosting service where the user can rent space around the cloud and host his/her content which may be distributed around the big cluster of servers that can be located all over the globe and is also known as the Cloud. Uploaded is one of the best cloud hosts. With uploadedmnet premium account your files can be stored forever.

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