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How You Can Build Online Authority Using Google+?

Six Ways How You Can Build Online Authority Using Google+

Google, as you are most likely aware, is the hugest online search engine. However, did you know that establishing authority with a Google+ author profile can give you a competitive advantage for driving more traffic and leads to your website? We take a look at six different ways to build online authority with this bustling social site.

Let your profile sell you

Google+The foremost thing to do is to sell your profile to your target audience. According to Google's 'Scheme of Author Rank', the prominence of your Google+ profile is affected by four things notably (i) The number of followers you have (ii) The rate at which your content is shared (iii) The number of adds you get (iv) Your activity. So how do you play by these four rules?

Invest in a good author's bio

For starters, you need to create a solid bio that summarizes who you are and the kind of stuff you share. Ensure to include keywords into the bio especially in the Introduction, Education and employment sections.

Build a solid network

The easiest way to build a healthy network is by starting off with people who are close to you. Start by close accomplices, clients and friends and gradually reach out to the wider society. Join communities and take part in online discussions.

Share your content wisely

Google+ is all about information sharing. So make the most of your account by creating original content and sharing it with other G+ users. Remember you can as well re-share your favorite authors' content. Only remember to include a brief description of your thoughts at the end.

Maximize the efficiency of your marketing campaign by marketing in circles

The best thing with Google+ is that unlike Facebook and Twitter it allows you to segment your audience into specific groups. For example you could create a circle for politics, fiction-writing, family, college and so forth. These (circles) allow you to post your content specifically to those you think are interested in it. The rule of the thumb with Google+ circles is that you don't create too many of them to avoid something called circle fatigue.

Google Hangouts - perfect for video sharing

Yet another feature that makes Google+ stand out from the pack is the live video chat feature dubbed Google Hangouts. With Hangouts, you can engage with your peers around the world or hold small company meetings. Yet another way to enhance your Google+ authority is by holding regular discussion or interview series. Be sure to promote the event regularly and soon you'll be a proud owner of a solid audience.

Make every moment of your content count

The simple trick that you can use to maximize the life of your content on Google+ is to share it twice. This is how you do it: First you write a nice article and post it on your Google+ page. Then you expand it and post it on your site or vice versa. So when a person reads your first article they are lured into reading the expanded version of it. Note that Google does not punish for this provided the content is original and originates from your site or blog.

Avoid wide topics-be relevant

Google+ is in many ways just like another blogging platform since you are not limited on the number of characters or images you can publish. You can actually format your posts with bullet points, italics and underscores for easy readability. In fact you could use your Google+ account to discuss some topics that your blog may not support. We however recommend attacking of narrow topics rather than introducing widely unrelated topics.

Don't park all your content on Google+

Any content shared on social media is deemed free and anyone can easily use for their own benefit without violating any copyright laws. Building content solely on Google+ would similar to bailing on your external web properties. The best thing to do is to maintain an external website and use Google+ just for what it is meant for as a channel to reach out to a wide audience rather than home for your content.

Final Word

Establishing online authority with Google+ is one of the smartest ways for content creators to enjoy improved search rankings. So, think of this social media platform as a way to grow your online reputation as one of the means to a greater future!

Author Bio:
Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for Beaver Mountain in Pennsylvania - luxury design or build advisory service for those desiring the log homes lifestyle. Bernard likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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