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Solving Your Biggest Content Challenges With Repurposing Content

One of the biggest challenges online web administrators and markets face today is writing quality content for the various marketing channels they target. There have been a lot of studies specific to content marketing but one recent poll really solidified some of the challenges people face when managing content. Recently the Content Marketing Institute’s annual report says that 64% of B2B marketers are challenged to produce sufficient good content.

The answer lies in re-purposing the quality content you have already written. This way you will get the most out of the content you have already generated there by reducing the time involved in content creation.

This month you might want to write 3 blog posts, an eBook and 2 press releases, 2 pitches to the media, a white paper and a by-line article. That amounts to 10 articles, lucky if you are able to write these articles. Instead try focusing on three ideas and re-purpose them to make 10 articles. You then fashion your content to fit the different formats that you can then distribute accordingly. 

White Papers

Write a white paper that will establish your company’s position and thought processes. These can be used for a series for your blog postings. Your by-line article can be used for the press releases that you can also pitch to the trade media for public relations purposes. Your content for media sharing can be about all of the quality content you are releasing.

This re-purposing also works the other way around by using the series of blog posts to develop the white paper. The key here is not to cut and paste but using the basic material that will become the foundation of new pieces. These elements can be ones you have re-purposed or new ideas.

Blog Post 

By using the most informative blog postings and video examples and elements from your pitch presentation you have nearly created an eBook. Just add some connecting content to make it flow and here is your eBook. Look at information that can be re-purposed early on in the process of making quality content. Re-purposed ideas often have the edge over content that can’t be repurposed.


If you do training videos or how to videos, transcribe the video into text. This does a couple things. It allows you to use this text as closed caption text and this text can be turned into a blog post or written manual.

Re-purposing Content

By re-purposing you gain two important things and they both involve time and that is something we all need more of to get marketing off the ground. You have time to be involved in bigger projects as re-purposing involves a lot less time than coming up with enough ideas to cover all bases. 

Re-purposing has a second benefit that deals with the content of your written work; it will be useful for a lot longer as it contains information that is of a sufficient quality to be sustainable. When you re-purpose your content you are making the most of the work you have done.

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Adam Chronister is director and co-founder of Accelerated Freelance, an award winning marketing firm. You can find him on Google and Twitter.

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Thursday, 08 December 2022
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