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Reasons Of Why People Leave Your Website

Website creation is not one time expense or process, website creation includes many things with its process like, time, weight of data it holds which affects its speed or access speed. One creates website so that more and more people could visit on it. It is necessary that world wide webif you have any website then people should visit on that and to fascinate people toward your website, making of website should be attractive like its design, filled data and all how people getting information easily and all the stuff but, there are some reasons which can force people to leave your website and prefer someone else's.

It is important that if you are going to make website then take care of the choice of people as in think with their mind that as a visitor how you want this site?

Let's have a look on those things which can force people to leave your website:

  • Bad Designing: Design of a website is first part of website creation process there for it should be more fascinating and eye catchy so that people could find it attractive and visit on your website. Use colors according to site type like whether it needs flashy and gaudy colors or light and sober colors.
  • Too Much Scrolling: Try to keep your site attractive but also convenient for visitors. Sometimes we put so much data by manipulation its design which is sometimes disliked by visitors as everyone wants that for which information they are going on a site they want to get it easily but if they will find so many obstacles like scrolling and flashing then after a time they will leave your website.
  • Unwanted Sounds Or Music: Nowadays adding sounds on website is in trend but creator should understand one thing that they can find music or sound good in a website but it is not necessary that every user or visitor will like it. Sometimes because of unwanted music or video clips people prefer to leave a website. If still you want to add a music video clip on your website then prefer pause option or put it like if user want to check it out but don't force visitors to listen that sound.
  • Slow Loading: One of the essential reasons is slow loading of a website, normally users switch to another website when they find a website rigid to load which is not a good thing if you are in competition.
  • Data Or Things Added On A Website: For what a user visit on a website is to get some information on the subject or product on which a website is based so, essential part of a website is its data or content available as information in it for visitor but if user will find lack of information in given contents then obviously they will leave your website and switch to another sites. Emphasize on providing more and needed information in an easy way so that user could find it easy instead of emphasizing on its rigid presentation and adding advertisements more.

These are some reasons creator should avoid for the reputation of his website, one can make their website more visible to users by following above mentioned instructions and reasons.

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This is guest post written by Mark on behalf of experts.shopify.com

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Thursday, 08 December 2022
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