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How To Promote Your Niche Website With Facebook

Find out how you can use Facebook to promote your niche website.

Facebook is the best place for you to market your goods. You will find that the Facebook fan pages will give you tremendous opportunities. You could utilize this Page as a mini site for all your business. Your Facebook profile will represent you, and the fan page will represent our business. Your face book page can be used to post updates, add Videos, and promote events. This will be helpful because the search engine will be able to find it on the Facebook page, and this is displayed on the news feed of anyone who joins the Facebook. Having your Facebook page organized is the first step. Once it is organized then you can start promoting it.

Send out invitations

On the matter of promoting your niche website with Facebook, you can start by inviting your friends to your Fan page and can ask them to join your fan page. You could do this on your email signature file also. You can then start tweets about your Facebook Page. It would be best if you linked your page to your Twitter account. This is surely going to help you to share your status, up-dates, links, and events with all your Twitter followers.

Try to form a community

You can start a discussion on your Facebook page on topics that will relate closely to the topic that you that you have introduced. Many people who are like-minded will join you. When someone new joins you, you can send those messages, and keep track of them with the use of Twitter. Forming a society will help and support you, and you could learn from each other. If someone leaves a comment, then, necessarily, leave one on his or her wall. Another thing that you could do is organize a contest with a lovely prize for the best discussion question or video. Be sure to keep your Facebook page up to date. Don’t let it lag. Don’t leave quotes on without replying. All these factors will add weight on to your efforts on how to promote your niche website with Facebook?


You can use the Facebook advertising program to promote your Page. This will surely reach your targeted audience. One of the best things about it is that you will have to pay when someone clicks on it. This will help keep your advertising bill down.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging will help in two ways. It will help you to generate some website visitors to your site from well-known blogs and websites. This will also allow you to increase your ranking because it is going to supply you with some high quality back links from other niche blogs and websites. This will help you to boost your search-engine positioning.

Web2.0 Sites

Web2.0 Sites include sites like Facebook and Twitter, and you will find that a lot of traffic originates from here.  Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that your niche website is made available on these media. You will have to make sure that Facebook, and any other social media buttons are in a location where they can be seen, and where the website's visitors will be able to follow you on these internet websites.  This will help building a kind of list by which you can promote your service and products in the future.

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