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Internet without Search Engines

Internet without search engines? It may look as if I don’t know what I am doing, but sometimes when I have a thought; I love to share with people, in order to see if someone out there is doing the same. In my office today; I needed to find up to forty websites offering similar health services. I knew it would be a thorny puzzlement for me; so I gave the job to one of my employees. He came back after ten minutes with a list consisting of fifty websites. That prompted me to ask how he ended up completing the job within the time frame. “Similaronweb search engine, sir”, he said politely.

I believe that I am not the only person to have benefitted from search engines.  Now, what do you think will happen if you wake up someday and all the search engines are gone?

Let’s take a look at few things that may happen if search engines are no more:

  1. No more Internet Businesses, which means buying and selling online will not be possible. Think of an Internet world with no search engines, what will happen to anyone trying to make a living by selling a product or service online? This means you will neither be able to list your site nor be found by prospective buyers.
  2. There are millions of people making money on the internet through affiliate marketing; this means after school, they will be sitting somewhere, expecting job opportunity that may never come. They will never be able to make a dime because, no Google, no Yahoo, no site index, no search box, no SEO, etc.
  3. Buyers who use similaronweb, Google or Yahoo will never do that again. Business owners who use similaronweb to search for websites with similar services and domains will never have such opportunity again.
  4. Tasks left unaccomplished: Search engines help students to carry out in-depth research on various research topics. In the absence of search engines, some tasks will be ignored.
  5. Knowledge will be limited: A school where students are limited to whatever they are taught in class is not too good. Without the search engines, students will be limited to whatever they are taught in class. Reading various works carried out by greatest thinkers of the world will not be possible.

Having learnt many things from reading Albert Einstein theories, that wouldn’t have happened. Internet without search engines looks bad than this article has pointed. Therefore, you are free to add yours! Thanks


About Author: This is a guest post submitted by Sofiya Edgaron behalf of similaronweb


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Wednesday, 05 October 2022
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