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The Essentials to Select an SSL Certificate

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Website security is of prime importance for website owners who sell their products online. Regardless of the nature of the product or the offer on your website, if a customer feels insecure to part with his payment details and other relevant information, the sale opportunity along with the customer’s trust would be gone. An SSL certificate is a stamp of security for your website which makes you a reliable vendor online and ensures a customer’s sensitive data is not fiddled with by fraudsters, thereby protecting their data There are few things to look for when you are looking to select an SSL certificate:-


  • Cost consideration– There are some SSLs which come at a lower price and have a money back guarantee scheme and other discounts attached to them. Determine if, you stand to lose money by buying an economical SSL Certificate. The expensive SSLs validate the business requesting the SSL certificate with hands-on methods instead of domain validation. Some SSLs use a completely automated validation procedure to verify the control of the domain name. There are also multi-year or an ongoing renewal scheme available with many SSL providers. This is especially useful for those who plan to sell off their websites in the near future and thus don’t want to spend too much on SSL certification.
  • Confidence- The visitors of your website would understand your site is secured if they see some indicators like https in the url, a trust mark, a closed padlock or a green address bar in their browser window.This tremendous level of assurance is required. SSL certificates are only domain control validated and thus, the visitors to the site cannot be sure of the website which is operated by a genuine recognized business. To gain your customer’s confidence and prevent fraud, get an SSL certificate with provable trust marks like a dynamic site seal reflecting the owner’s information. One can also avail an Extended Validation SSL certificate which the high security browsers can make out.
  • Convenience– Some SSL certificates are issued at the earliest; within few minutes of enrollment. This facilitates a quicker development and launching of the website and the SSLs recognizes almost all the browsers. The most convenient and easy mode to secure your website is to get SSL certificates in the form of a bundled service or as an additional frill which are provided by some hosting service providers and registrars. There are numerous certificate authorities like Rapid SSL, Geotrust and Verisign which supply SSL and secure technologies. Opting for a brand as a security provider for your SSL package is the best way to go.
  • Check the SSL providers– SSL certificate providers need to be chosen carefully. They must have a decent customer care service so that the technical glitches you face get resolved quickly. Sometimes, it helps if the SSL provider offers support throughout the year. Also, ensure the SSL provider must have a genuine mailing address to be very certain of the company.

Choosing the right SSL certificate goes a long way in providing your customers confidence to share his details on your website without any anxiety and helps in increasing your sales.

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