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Don’t be a Twit on Twitter

Social networking is becoming more and more popular and necessary, by the day. It provides you with the great chance to market yourself or your business, for free. Twitter is one of the biggest social media tools that you can use, to get your name out there and let people know who you are. Your success depends solely on your ability to creatively market yourself, and build something people want to follow. It gives you the opportunity to connect with people who have common interests and goals, and create a network from it.

There are many different ways that you can use your Twitter account. Some people create parody accounts of popular celebrities or movie characters. Others prefer to keep their twitter profile professional and strictly use it for business. While the purpose of Twitter can vary for each person, there are some unwritten rules that remain the same, for all.

Twitter has become an easy way for the everyday person to connect with celebrities, politicians, athletes, and businesses when it would be otherwise impossible. Companies are increasingly dedicating more and more resources to social media for a few reasons. One, it is a great way to reach a target market or any other specific demographic and build a strategy around them. It also gives them a cheap way to reach a lot of people, especially if they are clever about it. Take Oreo for example. During the 2012 Super Bowl, there was a power outtage at the stadium, and the game was stopped for about a half hour. Oreo saw an opportunity to do some clever advertising, and sent out this Tweet. It went viral and instantly overshadowed all other advertising done during the event, which is saying something considering the millions of dollars and countless manhours spent creating a 30 second commercial that gets aired once. Companies like Vivint Reviews have used it for expansion, and getting a feel for new markets. Some try and piggy back on the latest trends. Either way, it does require constant attention and monitoring.

One thing that can help your Twitter is following the people that follow you. There are a lot of spam bots that are out there, you obviously won’t need to follow them. Following the real people that follow you can be enriching. You can learn a lot from those people, and they hope to learn a lot from you. That’s why your followers made the decision to follow you, in the first place. Follow them and they can help you along your path to Twitter glory.

Another common law of Twitter, is to not be a twit. Use your Twitter to edify people, not to bring them down or get into petty arguments. Marketing expert Andy Beal (@AndyBeal, who has 28,546 followers, at the moment) talked about how he got so many followers.

“You shouldn’t worry about how to keep Twitter followers. If you have to change the way you tweet, just to keep some people happy, then you are “doing” Twitter wrong. Be yourself, don’t just automate your tweets, and try to actually talk with those that follow you,” Beal said. When asked for Twitter advice in 140 characters or less, he states, “Be yourself, be present, be fun, be helpful and don’t be a jerk.”

If you’re rude or insensitive on Twitter, people either won’t take you seriously, won’t follow you, or both. Twitter is a great tool to promote yourself and connect with people, whether they’re friends, co-workers, potential employers or even businesses. Having a positive vibe around your name isn’t easy to achieve, and it can be ruined with just a few tweets. Being a jerk on Twitter can close both professional and personal doors, for you.

However you decide to use Twitter, it will always be a great source for learning and following important people and events. If you’re not involved in this site, you should be. You customize your experience by choosing who you want to follow, and building your own “Twitterverse”. Once you get involved on Twitter and start using it daily, you’ll wonder how you went without.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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