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Android SDK – Encouragements For Techno Developers

Android software development kit or simply SDK. Within the android SDK there are tools and software applications that help to develop applications for the Smartphone ranges and enhance their functional efficiency.

A literal meaning of the Android SDK can be simply stated as software development kit. However there is a deeper implication of this as well. Google has a vast think tank of its own developers to come up with an exotic array of interesting applications; this apart there is a similar network of enthusiastic developers and contributors who are working from across worldwide locations to add to the same collection of apps for multifarious benefit of users. As a move for more encouragement towards the cause of development of some of the best apps for android mobile phones Google offers the software kit through their official website. It is available for free and can be downloaded by anyone who chooses to be a part of this research.

Within the android SDK there are tools and software applications that help to develop applications for the Smartphone ranges and enhance their functional efficiency. There are samples that are provided for references along with tutorials that will provide basic level guidance and assistance. Then there is a set of development tools which will help you in the actual task of creating an application. Also included is an emulator that helps you to check your application prior to its uploading and source codes that will be useful in your area of work. The programming language used for the development of applications is always Java.

You will need a set of conditions prior to the downloading and installation of the android SDK onto your machine. Ensure that the available OS is Windows – XP or Vista, Mac OS or Linux. In the next requirement you have to download a development environment like Eclipse; you can opt for android development tool plug-in if you wish. Now you are all set for the download and installation of the SDK. Download the zipped android SDK from the website onto your machine and find a suitable location for the installation in your machine. If the developing environment used is Eclipse then you will also have to install the ADT plug-in.  

Add–on components are also available for the development of these applications; among these you will have the following.

Tools – Among the main components there are a few tools that are already present in the android SDK which will useful for debugging and testing the application at various levels.

Platform Tools – These will help in the development and debugging of the application; however they too are developed with the application so that you can have access to the latest updates and versions.

Samples – These are sample codes and applications available for android development platform; prior to starting with your work you should download these and refer to them as well.

USB Drivers (for Windows) – These driver files enable debugging and running your applications on a real device or phone; these files are specifically designed for Windows computers and laptops.

The android SDK also includes documentation of the latest version of the framework for the software application. There is enough in these that will enable an enthusiastic developer to start onto technological development of the best use.

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