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Coming Out of the Closet with Social Media Ratings

Reviews and ratings of all shapes and forms are quickly becoming the easiest marketing tool for businesses to use due to the fact that it is the customers who are bringing more customers in. Most companies know that the rating systems are there, but they don't realize that they can use those ratings in their social networking stream. This is kind of sad because they are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to show testimonials that surely has the power to drive sales. Hence, the social networking world is both indispensable and instrumental in communicating the value of your brand to the masses.
The tips below will allow you to prepare for using these rating systems so that you can have a constant stream of positive feedback left for anyone who stops by your company's social pages on the internet.
1. Getting Organized
Being able to handle all of the reviews that come in about your business can be a tall task, but if you have a plan implemented that deals with them, you'll be able to focus on other parts of your business.Star Rating
The easiest way to do that is to figure out how you are going to display all of the ratings and reviews on your social network streams. An automated method is recommended so not too many man hours are spent displaying everything. A careful integration is the catch that would help in streamlining every legitimate opinion. Once it is easy for people to see all of those positive reviews, you'll see just how powerful they can be and will wonder why it took you so long to implement them into your stream.
2. Respond to both Positive and Negative Reviews
You will notice that most of the reviews and star ratings will be positive if you sell a solid product, but you have to expect at least some negative reviews as well. When the negative reviews come, you have to have a plan in place to respond to them so you don't lose them as a customer and so that all potential and existing customers can see that you care about doing things the right way.
If you know how to deal with customer complaints, you will notice that it is pretty much the same when responding to negative reviews. The difference here is that you have a higher chance of getting positive feedback from that negative review because people love to feel like their inputs and remarks matter, which they do, of course.
You don't have to show all of the negative reviews in your social stream, but people will notice if you are only showing them the best of the best. Usually a lot of good things can come from a company openly responding to a negative review. Consequently to build your brand advocate you need to satisfy your customers first.
3. Analyze Your Ratings
Displaying reviews is all fine and good, but if you don't measure the impact, how are you going to know how well the strategy is working? It's vital that you pay attention to how sales change after you start using this strategy so that you know how to make it better. If people are responding well to a certain type of positive review, put those in your stream more often to see if it keeps up. Likewise, if a certain type of review is getting no response at all, leave those out from now on.
Overall, the entire monitoring of reviews would be nothing but productive; and your sole efforts should not be wasted just to tee up sales. You should remember that if things are well planned then your audience would establish the market for you. Using reviews and star ratings on your social network pages will only work if you are constantly on top of things and are willing to interact with customers openly. People love companies that are willing to interact online in an open forum, and not companies that are quickly left out in the cold.
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