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How to Increase the Scalability of Your SEO

What is SEO and Why is it Difficult to Scale?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important components to a powerful web presence, and also one of the most difficult to scale and maintain. Primarily, this is due to the nature of SEO, which needs a multi-prong solution. Content creation, link building and blogger outreach are all important components. Unfortunately, these three areas require specific approach to tackle. As an SEO in Dallas with 10 years of experience I have learned quite a bit and in this blog I have provided some tips to increase the scalability of your SEO efforts.
How to Scale Your Content Creation

Probably the most time-consuming of the three realms discussed, content creation is critical in that it provides real data, captures visitors attention, and most memorably imprints your brand image in memory.

However, a great trick is to visit Reddit.com, a popular site where topics are commented on publicly and then voted up or down depending on the content. Reddit is a large site with millions of views daily. And though much of Reddit may not apply to your website, it is almost guaranteed there will be a few subreddits (as they are called) that will have relevance.

Now, Reddit can be a great tool, but also a time-consuming. So, it is important to appropriately filter through the content flooding from it. Enter RSS-Everywhere, a Chrome extension that allows you to get a stream of whatever subreddits you follow and track and import them into a Google reader.

How to Scale Your Link Building

How do you get people to link back to your site? Well, other than great content, be sure to include plenty of linkable assets on your sites. Things like infographics, videos, lists, widgets and calculators work well. Also, be sure to leverage social media platforms. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are great ways to increase your link reach, especially if the social media content is interesting and you have a good online reputation.

How to Scale Your Blogger Outreach

There are two components to increasing your blogger outreach. The first is to get them to write about your product. The easiest way to do this is through providing them with a full-feature service or product for free. If they are going to write about it, they are going to have to have a reason to do so, and trying it out is usually the best reason. Anyone will try something out once, especially if it is free.

The second component is gently reminding them to write about it. Writers are busy people with a ton on their mind. As an entity, you are competing with many other websites, products and services for the reader's valuable time. Using a tool like Boomerang for Gmail or Outlook can help immensely with this. Imagine being able to send out an email providing a download link for your product, and then automatically sending one out a few days later asking them how they like the product, if they had any questions, and gently encouraging them to share their opinions. Boomerang makes this possible and more, including email reminders for yourself and notifications if an email hasn't been replied to (or even if it has).

About the Author

Steve Floyd is the Founder and CEO of AXZM, a Dallas-based SEO and web design company.


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