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Big Data: The 401 on Hadoop

Big Data: The 401 on Hadoop

In the world of big data, Apache Hadoop is becoming a dominant player. In short, Hadoop is a open source data processing platform that helps process unstructured data sets. When the system was first released, few people knew about its potential benefits. However, in the last several years it has gained increasing respect and popularity. In fact, many big name companies now use Hadoop to stay competitive in their respective fields. There are several reasons why Hadoop will likely soon become the major game changer in big data processing.

1. Cost

While it was once too expensive for many enterprise businesses to store and analyze big data, prices are dropping. This is largely due to changes Hadoop has made in the system. The cost of big data analysis has gone from $100K per terabyte and $20K for maintenance to a $1200 yearly subscription. Because it is so much more affordable, Hadoop now has the potential to reach a far wider audience.

2. Real time interactive analysis

While Hadoop shares several features with its competitors, it has several unique additions that make it advantageous. One of those is its real time analysis feature. While other big data platforms effectively analyze data, Hadoop allows its users to do so interactively and in real time. This is a distinct advantage that will attract many businesses in the future.

3. More users friendly for a wider audience

Many companies were initially turned off to Hadoop because it seemed to only be accessible by experts. However, one big change has made this less the case. Hadoop has more thoroughly integrated SQL capabilities into its structure. There are many more people who are familiar with SQL and related tools such as HiveQL and DrQL and as a result the platform is usable by many who are already familiar with those programs.

4. Revenue

Perhaps the largest reason that Hadoop is becoming a key player in big data is its potential to generate large revenues for companies. Many businesses are just beginning to realize the value of using big data to market their products and services to narrow audiences. When it comes to providing accurate analysis, no one has proven to be better than Hadoop. As businesses try to find ways to reach their respective markets, they will inevitably turn to big data platforms like Hadoop.

5. Additional applications

Hadoop provides several additional applications that businesses can greatly benefit from. Two of those applications are HBase (an open-source non-relational distributed database) and BLOB’s (binary large object stores). Combining these two features creates an application called “digital wallet”. Digital wallet allows you to store the images of credit cards, receipts and anything else you would keep in your regular wallet. You would then be able to instantly pull these images from a large database. The same process would be available for other data as well including audio clips or other digital objects.

6. The future

The next few years look very bright for Hadoop. It will continue to spread and become more widely known as its benefits become more apparent. There is no doubt that Hadoop’s platform allows businesses to stay competitive and that it something that will never go out of style.



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Friday, 09 December 2022
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