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Video marketing – content marketing with moving images

Video content plays on the oft used adage that a picture paints a thousand words. If that is true, how many words will a thirty second video paint on a blank canvas to your website’s visitors? A difficult number to quantify; however, if they cannot find your video in the first place, the canvas is going to remain completely blank.

Looking for an edge

Content marketers are always looking for the edge, that one element of a marketing strategy which will offer more leverage than any other element. In recent weeks and months the realization has been dawning on marketers that key to increasing search rankings is a new way ofvideo SEO marketing.

Okay, maybe Internet and content marketers haven’t only recently realized the edge video marketing can deliver to a website business. They will certainly have been aware for some time, if they are on top of marketing trends the importance of video content in relation to search algorithms. Search engines detect, analyze and use social signals as one of the elements in the way in which websites and individual pages are ranked.

A huge opportunity

Few marketers would argue, given the recent figures being bandied around that there is tremendous opportunity which video content and targeted marketing can bring to an online presence and enhance search rankings. It is estimated that in the US alone some 169.3 million consumers will watch online videos.

One of the driving forces behind this phenomenon and burgeoning trend is social media. When someone views a video they may pass it on by a link in an email, or via a Skype conversation. Alternatively the video is liked via a Facebook share or tweeted out to friends and followers on Twitter.

Interestingly there is also another trend emerging. The trend to watch increasing numbers of videos online is coinciding with the trend for website visitors to stay for much less time on a page which doesn’t have any video content. Increasingly web surfers are keener on viewing a short video presentation than reading a bunch of text presented to them on a screen.

Increased engagement

According to a recent study websites and individual web pages held the attention of visitors for longer when video content was present. Visitor time spent on a website is just one of the factors search engines use to rank a page. The longer a visitor stays on a page, the search engine algorithm ‘concludes’ that the page is more subject relevant, more subject authoritative and therefore more relevant to a higher ranking.

Another study confirms this with further information and returns. The study showed which emanates from aimClear states the following:

…”videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results”…

Video content and by extension video marketing and optimization will become increasingly important to keeping websites high in search engine ranking. That is because video engages the visitor, and engagement is what marketing is ultimately all about.

Improved rankings as a result of improved video marketing are a win-win situation for webmasters, website owners and consumers alike.

Now, are you in it to win it or not?

Author’s Bio

Myke Thomas is a highly experienced writer authoring articles on the rewarding aspects of an SEO venture. His posts have revitalized the usefulness of a video SEO marketingapproach for the organisation.

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Sunday, 27 November 2022
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