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How Can You Drive Your Social Media Fans To Your Offline Business?

Social media is one platform that has always continued to evolve and it can also be added that factors affecting its improvement are also constantly changing. No matter what your company size is, social media engagement with your offline business is always going to boost your deeper connections with your audiences. Driving your social media fans to your offline business can be challenging but it is interesting for the ones who are willing to explore strategies and implement them in the best possible manner.

Since social media engagement is all about what you have to offer to your customers, they are rather the mirror to your performance and service. Your followers are the people who have done business with you somewhere in the past and may have had their own set of experiences – good as well as a little bad. Now the concern arrives - what you can actually do to get the new customers who can turn out to be your loyal customers in the long run.

Since a lot of the impact of your offline business on your social media actually depends on the call to action, here are things you can do to pose a better picture of your brand over the virtual world. 


Promotions Exclusively on Your  Sites

Providing offers and coupons exclusively for your fans


over Facebook is going to have a great impact. Now even if you don’t have an exclusive brand page over Facebook, don’t hesitate in posting promotional codes or offers over Facebook, Twitter, etc. If they are interesting, they will anyhow reach your customers who can look up to them. You can make use of the social media monitoring tools for tracking user engagement; furthermore, you can also choose to record the popularity and reach of the promotion through simple spreadsheets.

These act as incentives that help you in building strong communities and drive traffic offline. Your promotional offers must give something worth attempting to your customers so that they look forward to them at the time to come.

Display Call to Action Through the Facebook App Toolbar

It’s the brand new Facebook fan page format that can create troubles for smaller businesses trying to promote their new brand through call to action. Since you can’t really include them in your page cover photo, it is better to grow acquaintance with the app toolbar. It can be found exactly under your cover photo. With a call to action, businesses can include sign up buttons for an email newsletter, link to your valuable and much talked about online stores and lots more. You can also talk about the events and the special offers.

Content and Appealing Offers make a great combination

Call to action does play a crucial role in boosting your campaign promotion but when you’re planning to combine it with some engaging story, few things must be kept in mind. You can invite your fans to have a say but for this you need to make sure that you back up your marketing strategies with combination of a good call to action and compelling content that can surely make a difference. You can further upload pictures in favour of your new store, event, product or even customer experiences but even there, an appealing content and call to action will shoulder the responsibility of driving remarkable traffic.

Relationships must go on!

Whether the customers following your page have made a purchase or not, make sure that you continue to have friendly and genuine relationships with them. You never know they may be going through a phase where they would like to analyse whether you’re worth their attention, money and efforts. Help them in decision making by inviting their inclination towards your brand.

Logical integration of social media and email campaigns

We all know that the social media communities are worthy and valuable when it comes to boosting your online presence and brand promotion to your target market. However, it can’t be denied that often the speed and volume of the information levitating in the social media sphere can create more challenges for businesses vying to reach their target audiences through a marketing message.

Integration of social media with the email campaigns can prove to be a strong solution to this. Drive your social media fans to your offline business by encouraging them to sign up for your emails. Don’t forget to post the latest updates about the email content and make use of page apps for a better impact.

Your contact information should not be omitted

This is pretty surprising – a lot of businesses simply omit their contact information from their social media page. Make sure that your customers can explore how they can reach you within a few clicks. The moment their patience is tested or they are lost, they are gone forever leaving your marketing efforts in vain!

Quick tips

·         With the help of “favourite” feature, you can make your promotional offer look more promising and actually quite prominent

·         Facebook has listed the wide range of page apps that users can get hold of and customising accordingly before adding them up to their page makes sense

·         Provide monthly raffles to your customers signing up for your email updates or newsletters

If you’re really keen on using social media and the online channel for driving your social media fans to your offline business, analyse your industry, customer expectations and preferences of your target market. A well thought-out research is the key to a successful marketing success. When you have realised this – you’re ready to go! 

This article is contributed by Michael Evans who occassionally writes for Safety-Steps.co.uk, UK's most trusted supplier of safety steps manufacturer and supplier. 


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