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Why Responsive Design is No Longer an Option

A responsive website is one that provides the user with an optimal viewing experience without the user having to resize, pan, or scroll the page.  Responsive websites can be viewed on any device, whether it is a PC or a mobile phone.  Customers expect more from their website experiences today.  Read on to find out why any serious business should invest in responsive design.


Should my website be responsive?

responsive designIn short, yes, it should be.  With mobile traffic soon to exceed PC traffic it makes sense to provide users with the best website experience, regardless of what device they are using.


Good responsive design will include the following:

  • Make sure that all content on your website also appears on the mobile version.  Users find it extremely frustrating to see information on the desktop version and then not find it on the mobile version. 
  • Good responsive design should consider offering a mobile alternative to the “hover” option that you find on a desktop website. An increasing number of people are choosing ppc management from targetedmedia.co.uk - http:/www.targetedmedia.co.uk/ppc-management/ to take their websites to the next level.
  • If you have video content on your website, then consider using HTML5 instead of Flash so that the video can be displayed on mobile devices.  You might want to keep in mind that mobile data can be expensive in some countries (such as New Zealand) and you may want to ensure that the videos are kept as an option rather than play automatically on your site.

Users should find it easy to navigate around the website regardless of the size of the screen they are using.  Avoid horizontal scrolling and find an alternative that can be used on smaller devices.  The web page should automatically adjust to any screen size, whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet.

Upgrade or dedicated mobile website?

If your website is old, you may want to consider updating it.  Giving your website a facelift is always a good idea, since website’s designs can easily look a bit dated, even after just a couple of years.  You can go down the expensive, longwinded route of retrofitting your website or just build another website altogether that will be responsive and mobile user-friendly.  The advantage of the latter option is that you don’t have to do anything to your existing website whilst you build the new one.  Just make sure that your website builder is aware of responsive websites.  The other cheaper option is to build a dedicated mobile website that will run parallel to your existing website.  Users have the option of browsing the “light site” or the “full site”.  Having a dedicated mobile website gives users the option of viewing the basic important information about your site.


Although it is important for users to have easy access to a website, accessibility must not compromise design.  When creating a website, always make sure that the user continues to enjoy a great online experience that is engaging, creative, intuitive, and easy to use.  Websites should be pleasurable and beautiful to look at if you want to stay ahead from the competition. 


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Friday, 09 December 2022
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