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How to Build Your Website More Attractive as Compared to Your Competitors

Imagine a business website positioned at the top and its competitors admiring its business approach. Well! Who doesn’t want to own such a website? Fortunately, the answer is- everyone wants. People all over the world sign up for a number of domains, invest a lot to bring their websites to the target audience and engage them in online services. However many websites fail to reach the potential markets because they lack the expertise to attract and retain their clients. Businesses ignore the fact that websites are a strong and attractive tool for generating revenue in the virtual market. Here are few tips that help you in bilding an attractive website to beat your competitors.


Search engine optimization is very much important for your website to beat its competitors. Many factors influence your website’s ranking in the search engines. The very first factor that strikes you the moment you think about SEO is your content. Creating fresh and unique content makes your site more appealing to search engines. Fresh content motivates visitors to come back to your site for more. Focus on the keywords you’ve incorporated in your site’s content because it adds weight to your search engine rankings. Pay attention to the search queries that result in highest traffic. Use Google analytics or Google webmasters tools to find out the most searched keywords and the traffic data for different search queries. As SEO methods keep changing every now and then, you need to carefully keep up with the trends, SEO news and your site’s effectiveness. Your site needs to be updated to stand out.


The design of your website should go with your content. It should attract the visitors to your site. The website’s design with bolder logos, sober colors and richer text will appeal to your unique visitors in more than obvious ways. Avoid lengthy paragraphs. Your homepage should not distract the visitors. It should contain the information to the point. The information and deals should impress your visitors. The site design should motivate the visitors to buy your product.

Create videos

Create videos of the product you are trying to sell. This will give your customers a good demo of how to use the product before purchasing. You can submit your videos on YouTube, your own website and on other video-sharing sites.

Watch your competitors

Create a list of all your competitors, check for their website and their business. You will gain some knowledge by looking at their business website model and their strategies. Watch out for their products, offerings, services and sales. If their website’s sales strategy is good, use them in your website.

Create a prototype

Before launching your website, present it before your friends and family and collect their feedbacks. If the feedback carries some suggestions use them to improve your website. It is always a good idea to make a prototype before launching a website.

Offer gifts to your visitors

Offer freebies or something interesting to those visiting your site. For instance, if you own a landscaping business, offer a free downloadable article on tips to homeowners. This makes your customers feel that they are important for you and are respected.

Let your site go social

Let your visitors feel your website as a social gathering rather than a mere business. This way, your site will gain more traffic when people come back to your site to interact with other site visitors and customers. This is a wonderful way to make people admire your site.

Easy communication

Make it easy for your customers to know more about your brand and to interact with you. It must be easy for them to communicate with you. Some sites demand a visitor’s email address before allowing them to view the information related to a product or service. The causal customer would be irritated by such actions and he may stop visiting your site. Add a contact us page to your website. This would prevent the customer from providing their own email to connect to you.

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