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How to Write an eBook: Eight Steps to Make it Easy

Writing an eBook is much like writing a book in general. The steps are pretty much the same. The difference may be the visuals as some eBooks may have more than regular printed books, depending on the type of books of course.


The following are eight steps that will give you an idea of what is involved from start to publishing.

Choose a Topic

As I’ve talked about before, it’s better to choose a topic that you know: one that you can put your own thoughts and ideas into. Also choosing a topic may be harder to do than most think. (Read my “Where to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts Topics” for more help.)


This is the same as finding a good location for a business. So, instead of “location, location, location” it’s “research, research, research”. Make sure your topic is thoroughly researched, and you have as many points from beginning to end that you want to share as you can.

Organize Your Details

Make sure you get everything together with everything you need. Outline and figure out the order in which you want to write your eBook. You need a plan before you start writing. If you don’t know where you are going, you may not make it to the end.

Write the eBook

TIME TO WRITE. Writers have a lot of fun with this part OR they could have a terrible time with this part. It depends on the writer, how much writing they enjoy to do or how much of a writer they are to begin with. This could potentially take the longest of the steps depending on how long the book is and how long it takes to write.

Review and Rewrite

This is pretty easy to know what to do. Reviewing means edits and more edits. Then rewrite any parts that you think need to be re-written.


Do the above again and again. This needs to be done until you think the eBook is as finished as it can be.

Add the Extras

The extras are the parts that are added like images, diagrams, introductions, bibliographies, anything extra that needs to be added to complete the book.

Add a Cover

Once the eBook is finished being written, edited and the extras are added, now it’s time to add the finishing touch—the cover. Although many say “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” most do. Especially eBooks, which may only have that as the visual to choose from since you can’t pick it up or flip through it like a regular book.


Publishing would be the next step, but that is a process all in its own for another blog.

So, that’s it. Eight steps to writing an eBook. Seems simple enough, although the process may take you a very long time. (For some, a much shorter time.) Either way, have fun with it and enjoy. Adding a new book to the world of reading is like adding your own bit of history.


About Author:

Miscelleana Rhinehart is working to create her own eBook while she also writes for local NJ car dealers and more like various online classified ads sharing news.

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Monday, 30 January 2023
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