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Yes! You Can Design Your Company Logo

Logo provides company with an identity. These days either the company don't have them or they aren't good enough. Logo is certainly the most important part of any product. And it is a real test of a graphic designer to come up with an attention grabbing logo. Here are some essential tips of creating an effective logo:

What is Logo?

Logo is not a simple mark; it represents the company with the use of shapes, colors and fonts and even images. It is recognition of a company. It even helps to develop trust of a consumer in the products of the company i.e. brand loyalty. Whenever we hear the brand name 'Nike', the tick, its logo, pops up immediately in our mind, which depicts the capability of Nike's logo designer who has indeed created a masterpiece as the tick is carved in everyone's mind

Norms of Logo Designing

A logo must be describable, which means whenever a common man sees the logo, the brand name should pop up instantaneously. For example, the curvy M of McDonald's; whenever we see this yellow colored M, we immediately know it's for McDonalds. Secondly, it should be effective without color, even if we see the McDonalds M without yellow in it; we are easily able to recognize it. And lastly, it should have that attention grabbing appeal, i.e. it should be memorable, so much so that where ever the consumer sees the logo the name of McDonalds should definitely click in his mind.

Uniqueness is Important

Your logo should be a stand-out, which can easily be identified and recognized apart from its competitors. It should definitely not be linked to competitor's trademarked logo or it may lead to your company being sued.

Adaptable Logos

A good logo can be classified as one which adaptable, i.e. it can also be used when marketing the product in different market. If not, it might not be effective and prove too costly for a business to change the logo again.

Feed Off Other's Mistakes

Now when you are aware of the rules, you can easily distinguish between good and bad or successful and unsuccessful logos. The Nike swoosh is an example of a good logo. You can easily search the web for the logos that have been unsuccessful and on the other hand there are those logos which have helped companies prosper and earned them a good reputation.

Develop your Own Logo

Create a fake company, think about what products would you sell and then go on and create a logo for your company. Use the principles of logo design and rules and your knowledge of making a successful logo and set yourself to designing one now. Think about the shape, color. How it would represent your company. And is it attention grabbing? At professional level you would have to sketch the logo and send it to your client for review. But at basics you can ask your friend's views via social media and even hand them out a questionnaire.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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