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Marketing a Law Firm – 3 Best Ways to Get Best Results

The process of marketing a law firm is very similar to marketing any other company. However, today’s marketing scenario has changed to give companies greater freedom. You can market through various methods and the choice is entirely dependent on your firm and the marketing budget. However, some ways of marketing work better than others when it comes to law firms.

Here are the top three ways to market your law firm to get the best results:

Set a goal in mind

Marketing a Law FirmNo matter what firm you are, the one thing you need to have before beginning marketing is a goal. First, you need to set general and specific goals for the firm. General goals could include things like increasing the revenue of the firm, strengthening its position, and expanding to new markets. Specific marketing goals include choosing the mediums through which advertising will be done and the type of promotional strategies to be used.

For marketing, it is important to first identify the target audience for your firm. This target audience represents the decision makers, and your general goal should ideally be to reach out to them and make your presence felt. For instance, if your firm receives most of its work from referrals of other attorneys, your primary target audience should be those attorneys rather than the clients themselves.

Using social media

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way most people communicate with each other, both personally and professionally. Most businesses have already adopted social media for marketing, and even law firms can gain a lot from establishing their presence in at least one social media website. The adoption of social media for marketing by law firms is currently quite poor.

In 2010, it was found that only 15 percent of the top law firms in Boston were on Twitter and a fewer number was actually active on the social micro-blogging site. This can give your firm an edge over your competitors too since you may be one of the first firms in your area to become active on these websites.

Get feedback from your clients

Law firms succeed if their clients are happy with their services, and they can learn a lot from them.  To have a successful marketing strategy for your firm, get feedback from your clients, including those who were not satisfied with your services. You could ask their feedback after concluding the matter for which they hired your firm. Alternatively, you can conduct annual or biannual questionnaires for all your clients. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely.

Track and analyze the feedback given and act on them to either generate marketing ideas or improve the way your firm works. Both will help you get more happy clients and expand your business in the long run. Many companies have been able to brainstorm new ideas and embark on a new direction of growth after listening to their customers. The same can apply to law firms as well.

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Tom is the guest blogger who blogs on behalf of First Page Attorney, the leading web design and internet marketing company for law firms in Florida. For more information please visit  their website.

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