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A Quick Review For My top 12 WordPress check list

Hello, and welcome to my Wordpress Marketing Tips post. In this post, I reveal some of my best proven traffic strategies that you can use them right away.

1. Use the URL shortening service provided by WordPress

WordPress Marketing TipsAlthough, services directed at shortening URLs are not always safe, WordPress offers a safe service that you can rely on to take care of bots and spam. You can shorten your URL and use it with greater ease.

2. Use embedded features, videos and images to attract traffic

Do not use only endless textual content on your blog. Infuse it with audio and video features to make it more attractive and appealing to your readers. There are many plugins and applications online that you can download and use.

3. Track what people think and say about your blog elsewhere

You can keep a track of what people say about your blog on their own websites or other social networking platforms. You can do this with the help of extra plug-ins integrated with your blog.

4. Allow users to email the content from your website

If you want to ensure better traffic in future, you should make it easy for visitors to share your content by downloading, printing or even emailing it. Many of your readers will want to share with others like this.

5. Add content that is unique instead of just covering common Subjects

Do not get lost in the crowd. Create unique application based content on your blog to keep attracting traffic over a period when you have not added fresh content to it. Unique content implies quizzes, contests and games.

6. To avoid bulky pages use plug-ins to manage them

WordPress allows you to download plug-ins that use the WYSIWYG editor and allow you to be in control of your web pages. With these features, you can organize your blog posts and organize older web pages.

7. Spruce the images before you upload them on the blog

WordPress plug-ins also allow the user to upload flawless and better quality images to their blogs. They can resize, crop as well as handle minor edits with regard to images before these actually upload onto the blog.

8. Encourage and allow users to share their personal information

By allowing your readers to share more information about themselves, you encourage them to visit and participate in your blog more often. You also get to know about their tastes and encourage social networking at the same time.

9. Macros and shortcuts can be used to automate the blog

Using shortcuts and macros will help you automate certain actions and feature on your blog. This will in turn help you save time for more important issues that require your attention.

10. Make the most of the meta-data tags meant for SEO

Meta-data should be used optimally to aim at directories. Either use plug-ins or do it yourself. Include words and phrases that have been used in your webpage to contribute to SEO strategies targeting website directories for your benefit.

11. Use plugins to synchronize your blog with other websites

If you want to reach out to a large number of people through different social networking media platforms quickly and effortlessly, you can use plug-ins that integrate

12. Anti-spam plugins are crucial to keep your blog clutter free

Installing anti-spam plugins is a great way to keep your blog safe and uncluttered. This way you will not have to monitor your blog throughout the day as they can take care of all the spam comments on your blog posts.


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