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Windows 8 up to 3.17%, but still faces big challenges

Windows 8 up to 3.17%, but still faces big challenges

Windows 8, the latest operating system, was firstly released by Microsoft. It attracted many PC users for many new distinguished features. Take password in Windows 8 as an example. Users are allowed to create a text password firstly, and then set up a picture password or PIN code as a supplement. As a result, when Windows 8 users happen to forget their passwords, instead of password Windows 8recovery Windows 8, they just need to change the log in with picture password or PIN code. So, how is the market share of Windows 8 now?

According to the latest data from Net Applications, Windows 8 has captured 3.17 percent of the global desktop operating systems market share in March, after five months of its official launch. And If Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets are also taken into account, Windows 8 powered 3.31 percent. Windows 8 on touch devices sees a 0.12% market share while Windows RT sees a 0.02% share.

Windows 7, the most popular system, topped with 44.73%. It is actually up by 0.18% percent, and in a testament to its enduring popularity. Windows 7 is followed by Windows XP with 38.73%. And Windows Vista occupied 4.99%, though maligned but ahead of Windows 8.

As for the whole market share of Windows, it managed to increase at the end of 2012, after six months of losses. It's mainly thanks to Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, Windows was back to lose share of operating systems in the first two months of 2013.

Between February and March, Windows increased 0.27 percentage points (from 91.62 percent to 91.89 percent). This was OS X’s and Linux’s loss, which fell 0.23 percentage points (to 6.94 percent) and 0.04 percentage points (to 1.17 percent), respectively.

In spite of the slow but steady growth in market share, Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest OS, will face a great challenge in the following days. Firstly, as mentioned above, the market share of its previous systems is a big issue. For the enterprise desktop market, with the gradual withdraw of Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 has become the dominated system, though Windows 8's mobile-friendly interface might justify some business uses. “Windows 7 momentum in the enterprise continues and today, over 60 percent of the enterprise desktops worldwide are on Windows 7”, as said by Microsoft CEO Peter Klein during an earnings call. Besides, Windows XP, the first consumer-oriented operating system released in 2001, occupied 38.73 percent of the OS market in March. Though it is an 11-year-old system, it has defeated many systems in market share, showing little sign of giving up its place in the OS market.

In addition, not only the competitions from other Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8 should also compete with the growing popularity of tablets, such as, devices that run Google’s Android mobile OS and Apple’s iPad.

Considering the current situation of the new system, Microsoft hopes Windows Blue can optimize the case, which is an alleged push for more cheap 7-inch tablets with Intel's upcoming Haswell chips, which are expected to deliver tablet-like battery life without skimping on processing power.



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