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Effective marketing strategies for boosting your business

Nowadays, when online marketing often determines success of the venture, it’s easy to forget about good old time-proven strategies that traditional marketing offers. But why choose something one when you can take the best from both worlds? That’s why here I will talk about the most effective online and offline strategies that should be combined in order to achieve great results. 

Online marketing 

Business website or a blog is like your online home and it’s an irreplaceable part of your online marketing strategy. Nowadays people want to know more about what you have to offer, whether your services are of high quality and whether you maintain client b2ap3_thumbnail_online_offline_marketing.pngrelationship. So always remember that professional, visually appealing website with unique content is your number one priority in online marketing.

Social media marketing is an excellent opportunity to create online awareness of your products and services and build up your client base. Having accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks can help you to maintain customer relationship and provide your clients with relevant updates on special offers, promotions and discounts. 

Content marketing is relatively new way of increasing profits. The point of content marketing is rather clear: if you provide your target audience with relevant and quality information they are more likely to take a closer look at the products and services you offer. Now, when a lot of people have DVR and can easily skip commercials and ignore ad banners in the internet content marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain new customers. 

Online advertisement provides great opportunity to gain clients among specific target groups. Ads on social media sites allow targeting your ads to specific age or gender groups and pay per click advertisement enables showing your ad only in specific locations or on the websites related to your business. 

Search engine optimization uses phrases and keywords for moving your business higher in search engine results. This strategy is crucial if you want for your business to get noticed among thousands and thousands of similar offers. 

Offline marketing 

Participating in local events, like fundraisers and charity events, will not only spread good word about your business, but it will also list you in all sorts of promotional merchandise. It’s especially important if you own any local business, a coffee shop or a beauty parlor, for instance. 

Participating in trades and exhibitions; that will help to create local awareness of your business and showcase your products or services. Make sure you have enough business cards, flyers and other promotional stuff for such events. 

 Explore opportunities to talk to people and exchange experience. If you are a successful business owner you have a lot to offer to your local community. You can do seminars, talk to students and present your products for other business owners. 

marketing successDirect mailing advertising is certainly not dead, so don’t hesitate to use it. You can mail brochures, coupons, vouchers or any other promotional material that can catch people’s eye. 

You can also partner up with other business owners to create awareness of your business on different market. 

If you are planning to use both offline and online strategies in your marketing you are going to need powerful work management software to plan every single event, track tasks and be sure that you meet all the deadlines and budget. Remember that for boosting your online marketing efforts you can always hire freelancers that can help create awareness of your business among target audience and fill up your website with unique content. And if you happen to have team members in different locations human resources software will help you out by providing task tracking and collaborative functions that will let you keep the process under control. 

I hope these tips will come in handy while building up your marketing strategy!


Hi, my name’s Steward Copper and I am the owner of Project Management Insights. While working as a project coordinator and BA, I have tried almost all possible PM tools, BA instruments, collaboration programs, including human resources software and task management software solutions. I use Comindware Tracker for my project management processes. Follow me on Linkedin.

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