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7 Kick-Ass Apps for Web Designers

Do you want to get the most out of your iPad when it comes to web design? This nifty device is now being used more than ever to create fantastic websites that will appeal to a wide audience. Listed below are 7 apps that will prove to be very valuable for iPad Web Design Appsdesigning great sites.

  1. BookCreator If you are in the market for creating text, images, audio and video for a website, BookCreator can be an invaluable tool. It will allow you to place all of the above in a book layout format that can be read in iBooks and will be compatible with many reading software packages. This is a good app for working with picture books, and it will be especially helpful if you are just starting out with creating any type of book.
  2. ColorStrokes HD This app lets you take a black-and-white image and add stunning color to it. There are three ways that you can accomplish your objective. You can put the original colors back into a grayscale photo, you can remove color and turn the photo back to grayscale, and you can add colors that were never there to begin with.
  3. FxCamera Here is a free app that allows you to accomplish a number of tasks in creating a great website. You can use the Voice Picture option to record a message while you are snapping photos. You will also have a variety of camera effects that you can use to enhance and/or change your photos.
  4. Retromatic This is the perfect app for anyone who wants to create a website with the vintage look of the 1950s. You will easily be able to apply certain effects to your imported photos with this basic tool that is very simple to use.
  5. Marksta It can be very frustrating to have your photos copied by others, and professional photographer John D. McHugh has created an app that will watermark your efforts with copyright information or even a logo. In this way, you will be able to protect your work and keep your photos safe.
  6. Visualator If you are looking for an app that will allow you to create stunning images, here is a free tool for iPhone and iPad that will be a perfect addition to your creative apps collection. You can create a variety of collages that will look incredible when used on any website.
  7. Design Spring Here is another free app that is great if you need some inspiration. It is updated on a daily basis and is very simple to use. The app is loaded with wonderful images that you can look through until you find exactly what you want. There are many apps now available that will enable you to create web designs to appeal, attract and amaze. The apps listed above will go a long way in helping you with many of your web designing needs.

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Simon Phillips is the CEO of Touch Logic, a company that develops mobile ready websites and specializes in developing apps for small business.

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