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How to Get Facebook Fans Quickly

The trick to selling on Facebook is to engage and socialize with customers. This can be done through offering promotions, giveaways, flash sales and even Customer support – all of which are only available to your Facebook fans. Never forget that Facebook is a society so don't try to be a seller, try to solve

b2ap3_thumbnail_how_to_get_facebook_fan.pngThe first thing is to buy fans. This is not the norm, but because we are new and want to seem credible. I suggest buying say 1,000 fans. There are loads of places to buy fans but I suggest Fiverr.com You can get 300 likes for $5.

These simple free strategies will produce thousands of fans in a relatively short time. Some of these fans will become leads and then customers in whatever business you are in. Find a famous person in your niche. Go to his or her page and look for comments to posts he or she has made. Try to find large amounts of comments and like all of them. Just like, like, like. Then make your own comment, make it as as full as you can. Now say you are in a post with 60 comments, all the 60 people who have commented will receive an update that you have posted a reply. If your post is informative or leaving them wanting to know more, do you think they will go to check out your site. Absolutely some of them will.

For Video posting go to YouTube, pick a famous person in your niche. Pick a popular video. Post it in your page with a nice complimentary comment. Go to the person’s page and make a comment something like this. Hey just saw this awesome video from (famous person) and had to share it with you. If you haven’t seen it yet you must go and see it here. Post a link to the video on your page. Again when they go to see it you are waiting to catch their Like and info. Now if you pick somebody with a lot of fans think what exposure this could bring. This is not spamming as you are posting good comments.

More Free ways to market on Facebook. Start a group A Facebook group will make a main position for clients, associates, and buddies to join in discussions around your product. Motivate discussion. Don’t add people to your categories without their authorization, this is a big no no.

Start a Competition One of the best methods to improve your “likes” and catch brings through Facebook or myspace is to run a competition. You can quickly make a competition on your Facebook or myspace web page in moments. Provide a benefit award.

Create an Event From private events to structured visits over school smashes, you can arrange and enhance any event using Facebook or Myspace. Be innovative, enhance a sale or a new affiliate marketing, the choices are limitless. Author Bio I am saira Eden the writer of this post working for socialbarrel.com the ultimate source for Facebook, twitter and all other social media news.

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Saturday, 02 July 2022
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