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How to Select an Affiliate Network?

Firstly, we must select an affiliate network to promote products from. As you should know by now, there is a huge selection of affiliate networks to choose to be a publisher for. Two of the most popular networks are MaxBounty -  CPA network and ClickBank - the biggest marketplace that is selling digital products.

MaxBounty CPA network


MaxBounty a popular CPA network, since they have products which pay per sign-up. Some offers pay a couple of dollars to you simply by someone filling in their email address.

ClickBank - Affiliate Network


ClickBank is my choice for this guide, for several reasons. It has it's pro's and con's as with any other affiliate network, which are as follows:


  • Easy to sign up
  • Large variety of products from MANY different categories to promote
  • Physical AND eBook/Software products to sell
  • Some products are "recurring billing" (Which is VERY important for a long term income)
  • Option to use a "QR Code" as your affiliate link which may be printed out and scanned from any compatible mobile device, earning you a commission upon a sale conversion
  • It is possible to contact product vendors for a FREE version of their product for review purposes
  • Very high cut of any sale goes to you (most commonly 75% of the sale price) Easy to find reviews of most ClickBank products online


  • Minimum earnings before cash-out (Can be set as low as $50)
  • First 2 payments MUST be delivered to a home address as Cheques (a small portion of earnings are deducted), and cashed in successfully before you can start using instant bank deposits, or other payment methods for your earning.
  • Large base of users all trying to sell from the same pool of products


Before choosing a username, let me share with you a very sneaky, secret trick I have created which will help you convert sales at a much higher rate, and let me tell you, I have noticed the difference. You might first think that your username would be for logging in only, however what you might not find out until it is too late is that your "Affiliate ID" is actually displayed in the URL for hop-links of certain products you promote. That's right, that means that if you chose a ridiculous username such as "MoneyHustla123", people who view a product might see something like this in their browser:


How off putting.Nobody is going to want to buy a product from someone with such a blatantly obvious incentive to sell it.

Choosing a Product

Now that you have created a sneaky username to login with, we will start deciding on which product to start promoting. This will be written in terms of ClickBank, however it can be adapted to allow for MaxBounty. I recommend a careful criteria be met before selection of a product. Firstly, click on the "marketplace" link at the top of the ClickBank homepage, and then you should see a blank search box for you to start finding a product from.

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Tuesday, 04 October 2022
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