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A guide to enhance the performance of WordPress Site

Today, WordPress is one of the best open source blogging tool available.  But, the main issue amongst bloggers and website owners is that they somehow miss the knowledge of basic tools and methods, which can transform their WordPress site. They WordPress Performancedon’t know how to use the technology provided by WordPress to enhance the overall feel and effectiveness of their site. Here are some points which when followed can result in substantial improvement of your site. 

  • Select the right theme: 

Selecting the most apt website theme is the first step towards improving your website and making it more effective. Choosing a streamlined theme like those from Premium WordPress template can really enhance your website as they are not just beautiful but have a high performance too. They are easy to use and even load fast.

  • Select Hosting as per need: 

Most significant aspect of website is its hosting. Many people think that free hosting is cheap and therefore don’t opt for a paid hosting service. But here too a good host gives and added edge to the website and its appeal. One thing, which should be kept in mind is that hosting plan should be decided after evaluating and analysing the probable traffic that is expected. 

  • Don’t use redundant Plugins:

Majority of people select plugins based on their looks and neglect their functionality and necessity. But, it must be kept in mind that using too much of Plugins will have ill effects on the website. They make the site slow and can also prove to be fatal for overall security of the website. So, install only those plugins, which you are going to use, and at the same time, keep updating these plugins. 

  • Stay off JavaScript based buttons:

Albeit, it is the present trend to keep flashy social sharing buttons on the website. One should avoid using too much of these JavaScript dependent buttons because they significantly lowers the speed at, which the website loads. As Facebook and Twitter offers its users to share website on them using a link, it is the best and most effective alternative to using too many Java Script for your website. 

  • Using Google’s content delivery method:

As WordPress don’t support Content Delivery Network (CDN) on its own, therefore to add and use Google CDN on your website for the jQuery library, it requires a little coding in the  functions.php file of the website.

  • Lower the request sent to server: 

The best method to lower the requests sent to servers is to use one css file at 50kb instead of 5 css at 10kb. It might look simplistic but has visible difference on the website. HTML5 Boilerplate.htacess should be added to the default .htaccess, which comes bundled with WordPress. This small alteration makes it easy for browser to cache files. 

BY following these tips and keeping aforementioned techniques in mind one can bring tremendous enhancement in the overall website, which in turn will surely increase the number of visitors on the site.

Author Bio: Sofiya is a famous author. She is also an avid blogger. She has been writing on various topics like SEO, social media, marketing, hosting & web designing. She writes the article on behalf of www.rcginfotech.com.
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Thursday, 08 December 2022
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