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Want to be a successful graphic designer? Find your niche!

Let’s bite the bullet. The theory of survival-of-the-fittest is true, at least for graphic designing industry. There are plenty of graphic designers striving hard and trying their best to be successful. The competition is high because the reward is great. Once you are successful in establishing yourself as a graphic designer, you’ll be able to earn a fortune if you play the game right. But to stay the course and to reach your destination, you’d have to face the competition. Finding your niche is one of the best strategies to deal with this, for the fewer the opponents the more easily and quickly you’ll become a successful name. So, I have listed some great benefits a niche designer can enjoy over a jack-of-all-trade designer.

Benefit #1: Less Competition

You can’t be the best among millions of designers out there but you can be the finest logo designer of the entertainment industry because in that niche there are only a few hundred big names. Focusing on a design niche will not only reduce the size of the pool of your competitors, but choosing a niche you are best at also increases your chances of winning. The easiest to beat are the ones without a niche, as they have to distribute their talents to different fronts but you are focusing on just one niche and are using all your skills to win a name in that particular field.  

Benefit #2: More Visibility

Less competition naturally leads to more visibility. If there are only a few expert names in your selected niche, the client can much more easily spot you, and there are greater chances of getting hired. This is especially true for online business where specific keywords in your websites will increase your chances of earning a good ranking.

Benefit #3: Easier to Target your Market

Niche design means a limited pool of clients to focus on. Your potential customers will be some specific group of people with some common needs and requirements as well as some specific partialities. With some research on that group, you can easily figure out what your clients would be looking for in a designer like you. Offer them what they are looking for and market yourself through mediums they are more familiar with. If you’re planning to work for IT professionals, use Internet, but if your target clients are small local businesses, local TV ads are a better choice.

Benefit #4: Expertise Knowledge and Skills

With a focused approach you no more need to have knowledge of everything about designing. You clearly know the things you need to learn and the resources you need to gain that knowledge. Working with a specific group of clients and designing a particular set of products make you proficient and give you expertise and advanced skills. Becoming a specialist of your niche innately raises your reliability and leads to better business.

Benefit #5: Better Customer Relationship

Niche designers work with the type of personalities with whom they can stick well. They are the clients they have chosen themselves and are aware of their likes and dislikes. Therefore, they often build much better relationships with their clients. Also, with the passage of time, they become fully aware of the usual problems of these clients and are already prepared to present the well-tested solutions. 

Benefit #6: Lucrative and Successful Career

Don’t accept a project offer unless you are sure you can finish it with success. If you keep on accepting all job offers just for earning some money, without considering your talents, you’ll soon end up with bad reputation and no job at hand. If you don’t have the skills to do a designing project, you’ll have to work double than usual for satisfying your client. There will be more possibilities of revisions because you are still a newbie in that field and don’t know a lot about the requirements of that particular design. Even after all this hard work and wastage of time, you might end up refunding the full amount – your main reason to accept the order. Don’t try to please your clients by offering everything from logos to web designing. You’ll get nothing this way. Instead, offer them exactly what you can do and would love to do. Grab the bird you can keep in your hands instead of trying to catch the two in bushes.

The Last Warning – Know Before You Act

Seeing so many benefits of finding your niche must have watered your mouth but don’t be so fast. Before you start fine tuning your niche, make sure you know what a design niche is. Designers often make this blunder while finding their niche: looking for a single specific industry or design product to focus. This is not exactly what I, or any business specialist, refer to when we use the term “design niche.” It is true that niche means to narrow down your field of expertise but there is a limit to narrowing. You are not supposed to target a point but to build a boundary around a space. If your experience with an RJ was great, it may be so because you like working with lively persons – so all the industries involving such people are for you to work in. Or if you’re good at designing brochures, you don’t need to limit yourself to brochure designing only – you can build your niche in all marketing material designing. You should not put all your eggs in one basket; it’s risky. What if the demand of designer end up in your selected industry or your selected design product loses its popularity? It’s better to spread your work to a bunch of industries and products relating to your skills and preferences, so in case something bad happens to one industry or design product, there are other options safe for you to continue your job.cm


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