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What are the most effective On Page Ranking tactics for any Search Engine?

The internet marketing industry is getting more complex & complicated every day. We must make sure small, but critical things are being done, like making sure the right keywords and conditions are set depending on the targeted traffic we’re dealing with,

If you’re a consulting company and you're dealing with different clients each day, so without your perfect check list its very difficult to handle all the SEO aspects.

Here is my best onpage ranking factors check list. If the answers of all bellow questions are 90% or above ok! Then I am confident about On Page SEO

1. URLs

The url is a main ambassador of any blog. This is the first landing place place of search spiders the questions about URL are.

· Is the URL short and user-friendly?

· Does the URL include relevant keywords?

· Is the URL using subfolders instead of subdomains?

· Does the URL avoid using excessive parameters?

· Is the URL using hyphens to separate words?

2. Content

Content is a mother of all SEO tricks and practices, find out all answers of all content related questions below

· Does the page contain substantive content?

· Is the content valuable to its audience?

· Does the content contain targeted keywords? Do they appear in the first few paragraphs?

· Is the content spammy (e.g., keyword stuffing)?

· Does the content minimize spelling and grammatical errors?

· Is the content easily readable?

· Are the search engines able to process the content?

3. Titles

The <title> tag plays a key role in any Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

· Is the title succinct?

· Does the title effectively describe the page's content?

· Does the title contain a targeted keyword? Is the keyword at the front of the title?

· Is the title over-optimized?

4. Other <head> Tags

To maintain better search engine ranking the site structure is very important. Headings are quite possibly one of the most important elements in maintaining a good structure to your web pages

· Are any pages using meta keywords?

· Do any pages contain a rel="canonical" link?

· Are any pages in a paginated series? Are they using rel="next" and rel="prev" link elements?

5. Outlinks

The HTML code on your site which allows the visitors to access other sites. Following criteria for any outlink is the best and according to search engine terms.

· Does the links point to trustworthy sites?

· Are the links relevant to the page's content?

· Do the links use relevant anchor text? Does the anchor text include targeted keywords?

· Are any of the links broken?

· Do the links use unnecessary redirection?

· Are any of the links nofollowed?

6. Other <body> Tags

Other body tags like H1 H2, etc. are an evergreen source for giving direction to the search spiders

· Does the page use an H1 tag? Does the tag include a targeted keyword?

· Is the page avoiding frames and iframes?

· Does the page have an appropriate content-to-ads ratio?

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