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Perfect Life, Work and Blogging Balance - Interview with Gabe Young

After several month we've continued the tradition at WebmaisterPro - interviews with successful bloggers and web professionals. Today we've had a conversation with one of the most respected bloggers (WebmaisterPro editorial opinion) - Gabe Young from Free Blog Help. Certainly not a copycat blogger and certainly a person that is choosing interesting topics carefully, including essential details about particular and trendy problem for web professionals.
Hi, Gabe! Tell us about yourself with few sentences!
I am a business professional but have been blogging for over a decade. Although I earn a good living at my day job, my websites generate an excellent supplemental income on my free time.b2ap3_thumbnail_Gabe_Young_gravatar.jpg

How did you start blogging? What were your inspiration and your goal as beginner blogger?
I started blogging for my employers back when blogging was very new (around 2000) so I don't consider myself a beginner blogger; in fact, I consider myself one of the pioneers. We actually had to explain to people what blogging was back then. I made my employers and clients boatloads of money so finally in 2009, I decided to build my own sites. I currently run five different sites, each in a different niche and each giving me an almost passive, residual income. My goal is to simply continue to earn as much as possible while spending as little time as possible.

How many web projects do you run now?
As I stated, at the moment I run five sites. Of course, that can change at any moment. The only one that's relevant for this is Free Blog Help, which has been going strong in it's fifth year now. While consistently holding a PageRank 5 homepage through the last few years, that site essentially runs itself at the moment.

What is the difference and similarity between managing and blog and IT company?
Regardless of what I do, I take great pride in it. So when I'm work, I can't be any more passionate about what I'm touching; the same goes for my sites. The key point being if you are the type who likes to wake up and kick butt every single day, it doesn't matter what you're doing -- success is always right around the corner!
Balance between life, work and blogging?
Since my goal is to not only be effective but also very efficient, I have excellent work-life balance. Time is very important to me, especially since I'm a family man with four young children. What I'm presently juggling is a full time job, time with the wife and kids, five websites, partner of three non-online businesses, teaching classes and developing courseware for a state university, and squeezing in time to enjoy many of my other hobbies. I can do this by working smarter, not harder.
Top 5 tips from Gabe Young for new bloggers
  • Be prepared to learn and adapt.
  • Don't give up. Blogging is not hard; it just takes persistence. There's a reason why 95% of blogs are defunct -- don't be in that group.
  • Don't expect to make a lot of money early. You will be writing to an audience of one for a while. Do it for fun and if you do it long enough, the money will come.
  • Write content until you can't write anymore. Then write some more. There's nothing more important than producing content when you are new. Time spent on SEO, relationships, logos, etc could be better spent on more content!
  • Try to get 50 quality articles as fast as you can and then begin to dedicate some time on getting good backlinks from same niche sites. Some easy methods are commenting on DoFollow sites/forums and writing guest articles.
Without getting into personal life, would you share something about your typical day routine?
On a typical weekday, I'm up before 6:00 AM and arrive to work by 7:00 AM. I leave by 3:30 PM and either work out or run a few miles before my kids get home. From 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, it's all about the family's activities, dinner, and reading books together. After they go to bed, that's when I work on my sites and other hobbies like playing video games, watching movies, or practicing my guitar or drums. I'm usually in bed by 2:00 AM (yes, that's only four hours of sleep!).
Tell us about your goal for 2013
If my 2013 is anything like 2012, it's going to be a fun ride. I just want to enjoy my life and blogging is just a small piece to the big picture. It does, however, help enable me to afford the lifestyle that I have. I have no complaints since my family is healthy. I'm living a charmed life and am thankful every day!

Thank you, Gabe! WebmaisterPro social network wish you great success in personal and business plan!
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