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How to Personalize your Email Marketing Campaign

The internet is a relatively new model of communication, however it has been around long enough for most people to have caught onto it. It is used frequently, daily by millions. As well as personal use, a lot of people use it for their businesses too. Businesses frequently use the internet as part of marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a great way to market your business but it is far from unique. That is why some degree of personalisation in your email marketing campaign is important. A generic email marketing campaignemail marketing campaign is an unnoticed email marketing campaign. But how can you personalise your email marketing campaign?

One of the best ways to make sure your email marketing campaign is suitably personalised is actually really simple. Just follow the rules of avoiding making your emails seem too “spammy” or too “corporate”. Nothing is worse than being made to feel like you are only being emailed in order that you purchase a product – even if that is the reality. Make sure the subject line is to the point, but also not too formal. The content of the email should not be too “fancy”, as that reeks of inpersonal, heavy marketing. Some images and URLs can enhance the content, but the main objective is to maintain the quality. Avoid recreating a landing page within the contents of the email itself; take the time to informally tell the recipient why you have emailed them. Engage in effective communication, be up front and honest and that alone will often be sufficient to personalise your emails. Sure, a lot of people will be receiving the same emails from you, but that is no excuse for not trying to treat everybody like an individual person. A good way to finish off the personal touch of an email is to sign off in a friendly and personal way. For example, “Yours faithfully, Marketing Corp” is a bit rigid and doesn't really mean anything. In contrast, something like “Thanks, Ted (CEO)” is much better, or even “Until next month, Ryan :) (CEO)” if you want to adopt a very informal approach. This of course will greatly depend on the client base and the dynamics of the target group.

Personalisation is important in email marketing campaigns to make sure you project the right image for the potential client group in order to promote effective communication. Email marketing is not about being a billboard – it's about engaging with individuals. The email inbox is a personal space, and it is essential that you treat your presence there with respect.


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I am Isla hazel sharing my experience for email marketing you can get success in marketing by personalise your emails.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022
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