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Ever Green Free Traffic Sources for your Business

This is a site thatʼs rarely talked about in the Warrior Forum WSO Section and itʼs surprising because itʼs one of the easiest sites to rank quickly. Iʼve had Tumblr sites ranked on the first page for decent keywords in under a week. Itʼs all about doing it right!

If you donʼt know what Tumblr is, itʼs a micro blogging platform and itʼs free. The best way to think about it is if you were to mash together Twitter and Blogger, youʼd have Tumblr.web traffic sources

I donʼt suggest Tumblr for a main site at all but as a traffic generation tool, itʼs one of the best (and least used) out there!


In my view, YouTube is probably the best free ʻbrandingʼ source out there. Notice I said branding and not traffic. While you can get traffic through Youtube, Iʼve noticed that mot traffic doesnʼt come directly from Youtube itself. Usually what happens is people will watch your video then search for other information from you through Google. This doesnʼt mean that you donʼt put links in your descriptions and a call to action in your videos - you do - it just means that most of the time Youtube is more about introducing yourself and getting your name out there as opposed to direct traffic to your site.


I have to admit, Iʼm NOT a fan at all! But Iʼm in the minority so Facebook is needed. The key is to control yourself. Facebook, much like Youtube, is like a spider web. Once you go on the site itʼs hard to leave unless you are extremely focused. Youʼll see friends, relatives, and co-workers posting things and youʼll feel the need to reply.


I love Twitter - when itʼs used correctly. Itʼs such a powerful customer service, branding and expert positioningʼ tool that you could really build an entire audience just through Twitter. I know there are a lot of courses on how to use Twitter to generate traffic, market your products, or get more followers. This isnʼt one of them because to be honest, Twitter isnʼt there to generate traffic or market your products and the number of followers you have is meaningless.

Google Plus

Google plus is new in the market (not yet). G plus is like Facebook but with more features and applications. This is powered by Google network. G plus is not only a source of free traffic but also a big source to increase domain authority and ranking factor .

Your Home Base

All of your social media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) should lead back to some sort of ʻhomeʼ for your content. Most of your links on these sites will lead

To a squeeze page but youʼll also want to repost the content on some sort of blog thatʼs updated daily.

Word press is probably the best option for most people because there are plenty of themes and plugins available, and you can get started for free through Wordpress.com.

I suggest going with a self hosted Wordpress blog and the domain, in my opinion, should be your name.

Many other free but quality sources are affective for traffic such like squidoo, Hups, Ezine Pintress and more. It’s very difficult to merge all of these traffic source in a single post, I will try my best to explore some more quality free sources in the next section.

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I am islahazel the writer of this post working for hostertalk. Please share your experiences and hosting reviews for further improvement.

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