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Twitter 2012 Analysis and Facts

If you are a writer, blog owner and regularly write about Twitter here is the infographic that can help you to make your article or post more interesting. As we know nowadays Twitter is the key social networking website to do online marketing. I think this infographic is one of the best ways to outreach the users all the information. Let’s talk about this network and share useful information as much as we can. Here is a short but useful description on the infographic about Twitter.

I have analyzed 2012 Twitter all the facts and here is an infographic that gives you a chance to see the results. Here you can find out how many registered users there are on Twitter, how many users are active, what are the top countries that use Twitter, which is the age average and gender of the users. I have also spied on the top 10 Twitter users that you can find on the infographic.

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Roman Sahakov is the CEO of Frozzo.He is a strategist and jazz lover.He enjoys playing football with his son. You have a chance to buy twitter followers at Frozzo.

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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