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Using Coupons to Increase Back Links

Building links is obviously a tremendously important part of SEO. Since many search engines, including Bing and Google, rely on links to gauge the strength of a web page and how much trust that page deserves, it is important for businesses to get as many high quality links as possible to really increase their rankings.

However, for many businesses, getting links can be a difficult task because there is nothing worth linking to. They have a business that offers something really great, but no one is really linking to it because no one thinks to link to it.

I do a lot of SEO for all sorts of companies. And one of those companies is a coupon website which brings a whole bunch of coupons together for companies such as Navteq and Island Surf. And what I have noticed is that, with each coupon they list, they also include a regular link to the company website. In other words, if the coupon is for a Dell laptop, they have the coupon link, but they also have a regular links to Dell.com.

The interesting thing is, that coupon is a piece of link bait that can help a webmaster increase their overall domain authority. And that can actually help the business rank for new keywords that will, in the long run, result in more business and revenue.

How, though, can a business that is offering coupons online encourage people to link. The way to think about it is by understanding basic psychology. When you give someone a coupon, they feel that they have been given something special. Because they feel special, there is that part in them that makes them want to buy something.

In the same breath, because you gave them something, they are more likely going to reciprocate than if you just asked them and hoped for the best. It's the same as linking to a website. When you link, you are hoping that they will recognize you and potentially link back to you at some point or another. Basically, by doing something for someone else, you are hoping to gain something back.

The way to structure it would be to include a “Link to this Coupon” code box right underneath the coupon. Basically, what they see is the coupon and if they found it useful, right underneath it, they'll see an easily copied code that links back to the coupon page.

Because the link code is right below the coupon, if the user clicks on the coupon and purchases something, they are feeling great because they got a good deal. Then, if they have a website or they are using a lot of social media, they'll link back to your coupon saying, “Wow, thanks so much for making this coupon available to me!”

What this leads to is an increase in backlinks and social media shares. As Google and other search engines rely more and more on social, suddenly you're increasing a ton more of the metrics necessary to rank in the search engines.

So, the next time you release a coupon for your website, include a “Link back to us” and “Tweet, Facebook, G+ This” message right below the coupon. Since they are getting something for free, then they are more likely to help you out as well.

And remember, it's important to always be getting new links. So long as you're not buying the links and instead, you're asking them and not limiting the coupon to only people that link to you, you're following all the rules. Best of luck getting new links and more social shares.

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Jacob is an Internet marketer who helps businesses use discounts and coupons to increase their revenue. In this article, he uses Island Surf and Navteq as examples, but there are a ton of other examples as well. He is currently running a website with islandsurf coupon code and navteq promotional code offers. 

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Sunday, 14 August 2022
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