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A Decent Idea of How Everyone Spends on SEO

The “How Much Do You Spend On Online Marketing” infographic put out by InMotion Hosting is fairly accurate. For people new to online marketing, it offers a good idea on what you invest in with free or cheap hosting, though may not be so accurate when it comes to high-end and what they refer to as “top level elite hosting.”

The reason I say this is because I don't believe that VPS and dedicated hosting can be accurately represented by this sort of breakdown. While it is stated that both obviously use more bandwidth, there's a clear issue that arises when you look at sudden drops in categories of spending.

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For example, take a look at the spread of overall spending in the advertising category. From the cheapest hosting to the most expensive, the amount spent is relatively even. This makes sense and acts according to what is expected.

The problem comes when you compare that spending to the SEO and social media categories.

The average spent by high-end hosting is half of what mid-range hosting spends when it comes to SEO. For social media, high-end hosting is spending 250% compared to what top-level hosting is. There's no way that this is an accurate representation of what all websites spend on advertising.

This same discrepancy happens again in the social media category. The average amount spent by top level elite hosts is close to nothing when compared to cheap hosting. If you've ever gone onto Facebook, you'll see all sorts of advertisements put out by Clorox, large shopping chains like Target and Walmart and a great deal of product manufacturers that undoubtedly have dedicated hosting for their website.

I believe that the advertising category is more accurate than any category with this sort of breakdown. The reason I say this is, again, because of the near linear average power of hosting, and thus the cost spent, increases.

I think that there are two major problems with this infographic

The first problem is that the sample size was much too small to get an accurate representation of the actual costs spent. 147 subjects is too small for a sample group, which is something even the author of this infographic admits. You can then see that things such as social media and SEO costs break free from what should be a relatively linear increase as you go from the cheapest to most expensive hosting.

Once again, this infographic is probably the most accurate for websites that used shared hosting and VPS hosting. My heavy assumption is that dedicated hosts aren't properly represented due to the extremely low amount spent in the social media category. A larger sample population would probably make this infographic seem more reasonable.   

InMotion Hosting have developed the content in this infographic from their VPS hosting audience of webmasters and web professionals. If you have any questions regarding collaboration, research or on the content of this infographic, please reach out to the curator @JulianaPayson

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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