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Google Plus

Google+, also known as Google Plus, made its official fully public debut on November 12, 2011. This infographic gives detailed statistical information on Google+ with easy to interpret graphics. These statistics include a good look at demographics including factors like income plus statistics broken down by gender and age bracket. There is also a nice bar graph depicting the country of origin for Google+ users with the United States having the majority of users and India having the second highest number of users. The infographic also explores the discrepancy between the number of registered Google+ users and the number of users that are actually using Google+ actively, with only 17% of all registered users being active users. Finally, the infographic presents a new feature called Google+ Pages that, at least initially, shows great promise for the business users of Google+. It also shows how corporate America is staking their claim on Google+.

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Guest post by Datadial.net - London Digital Web Agency

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