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SEO The Game - An Infographic for Search Geeks

This infographic was created by Subtle Network Design and Marketing. It highlights the idea that on any given day, any SEO can win the battle for top position. Each strategy has it's strengths and it's weaknesses. In many cases it comes down to circumstance, chance and perhaps just a roll of the dice.

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The graphic also tries to address the tension that exists between so called white hat and black hat SEO's. In their opinion, the real "bad guys" are not SEO's but rather the large and small businesses seeking to steal in the name of SEO. No matter what your opinion is, it can be agreed that this graphic is pretty dang funny.

The cards are entirely unique, and it’s a bit humorous to see how certain strengths and weaknesses can blend together. Thanks to Subtle Network Design for creating such a silly, yet informative, infographic. If you recognize yourself in one of the characters, let me know by posting your thoughts in the comment section below.

Subtle Network Design & Marketing created this infographic.  Additional images and the largest version of the graphic can be seen here: https://www.subtlenetwork.com/seothegame.  

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Sunday, 27 November 2022
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