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Which is Better For Business: Facebook Fan Page or Group Page?

Now boasting more than 750 million users (which is larger than the combined populations of Australia, Russia, the U.K and the U.S.),  Facebook now stands as the largest pool of potential customers in the world for your business. The two primary means of projecting a message via Facebook is through a group page or a fan page, which is better for business?

Essentially, a Facebook fan page is ideal if you're looking to promote and build brand awareness, perhaps you're a public figure or celebrity or a leader of some organization. The popularity of such pages are usually measured by the amount of 'likes', updates, comments and contributions posted on the fan page. Groups pages are generally used for more special interest groups such as old school friends keeping in touch.   

Certain functionalities between fan pages and group pages put the two platforms on equal footing. For example, either concept will allow a discussion wall and forums thus enabling members to interact. Content and promotional links can also be added to either type of Facebook page. On fan pages and group pages, the owner can also appoint administrators who regulate which members and fans have access to content. 

The main differences between groups and fan pages is the difference in leverage. Members of a fan page have the ability to suggest the page to their existing friends thus enabling the chances of a viral marketing reaction. Members of groups pages don't have the ability to refer the page in the same way. So the difference here is that a fan page has the ability to be a far more powerful way to get your message out there to an almost infinite data base.  

Other awesome features that fan pages have that groups don't is the ability for administrators to view member and visitor statistics, a crucial marketing tool. Fan pages also have the functionality and application options to automatically post articles and content from your main website or blog directly to your Facebook fan page.

Groups are an ideal solution for a smaller group of people who are looking for more of a somewhat personal interaction between friends or people with things in common. It's also much easier to moderate a group page and delete people who are not wanted within the group. Fan pages are definitely more applicable for commercial purposes. Groups are not an ideal solution if you're looking to spread a message. 

Over the past 3 - 4 years, the Facebook brand itself has evolved into much more than a platform to simply set up group or fan pages. Other social concepts such as online dating for single people are now very much a big part of the online social scene within social networking. Online dating apps such as Social Connect and Zoosk dating actually integrate your Facebook profile thus giving you access to an estimated 250 million single people within the Facebook community. A much more significant reach compared to stand alone online dating sites.

Whether you're looking for a kick-ass marketing platform, or for a means to socialize with your peers, Facebook offers many solutions. And once you learn how to navigate around this tricky terrain, the possibilities are endless.

About the author: Matt Fuller writes about many different topics relating to social dating networks, dating sites in Australia, social media and online dating tips for single people.

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Monday, 27 June 2022
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