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Affiliate Sales Compared - A Post Penguin And Panda Health Check

You would have thought that a lot of the affiliate sites would have been suffering since Google had clamped down on the easier ways to get links and the quicker ways to gain rankings. Affiliates (unfairly in a lot of cases) are tarnished with the ‘churn and burn em’ brush – but in reality a lot of affiliates are quietly going about their business producing high quality sites that Google likes and is willing to rank.

The three updates that you may have thought would have had an impact on the affiliate sphere would be:

Panda – designed to help the sites with better content and design rank above the kind of sites that were throwing pages up for rankings rather than users – famous losers include sites like Ezine Articles

Penguin – designed to limit the possibility of ranking well by partaking in low quality link building – any site that did so, not only run the risk of issues with ranking but could be de-indexed completely.

EMD Update – this was designed to cull the sites from the search results that were unfairly ranking with an exact match keyword domain. If you had an EMD with decent content there shouldn’t be an issue her.

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This infographic from Twist Directory looks at a sales comparison pre (most) of these changes by Google and then sales afterwards. An innocuous day was chosen and the data was taken from the MoreNiche Network.

Infographic via Twist Directory

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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