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The Authenticity of HTML 5 as Revolutionary Web Technology

HTML 5 has arrived on the development scene with a bang! The introduction of this technology is a welcome change especially for the developer fraternity who can now deliver responsive and interactive web solutions that meet the changing requisites of the audience. HTML 5 is known to make the web scenario more reactive and responsive, in sync with the user’s evolving web actions. The platform is best suited for developing web apps and HTML5 Logoportals that demand game-like interactivity, without the need of installing additional plug-ins. Developers are favoring HTML 5 because it is mobile optimized and can support websites based on all three interfaces- mobile, PC and tablet. One can effectively utilize HTML 5 to tailor applications suitable for mobile commerce and other mobile-based websites.

There are numerous other technologies budding in the IT arena, but none of them can possibly make a stand in front of HTML 5. Even arch-rival Adobe had to witness a face-down, when late Mr. Steve Jobs denied using its Flash technology, especially for mobile platforms. HTML 5 is the web technology of future. As per the predictions of Silicon Valley investor Mr. Roger McNamee, the future of HTML 5 is bright. It will lure media organizations, creative artists and advertisers, to create distinguished web presence that will bring their creativity to the surface and will bring about a never-seen-before drastic diversity.

 Several organizations are banking on the popularity of HTML 5 and its success in the near future. For instance, the legendary ‘Angry Birds’ game development company Rovio Entertainment is planning to launch HTML 5 avian projectiles to attack enemy pigs, rather than relying on standalone applications. Even major publications such as Sports Illustrated and Playboy are also deploying the features of HTML 5 to support their online content.

This exceeding acceptance of HTML 5 has largely influenced Google Inc., Apple and Microsoft Corp, who are upgrading their web browsers to support HTML 5 based websites. 

Statistically speaking, today almost 34% of the websites across globe are using HTML 5, which is evidence in itself of the excitement in users about this nascent technology. It’s feature-rich interface and notably enhanced functionality as compared to Flash has made it a hot favorite amongst the masses.

The inclination towards Flash, however, has not yet ended. It is still a huge web technology. Google still runs flash support in its browsers. The technology, however, is considered to be pre-browser friendly as it still utilizes plug-ins to perform basic functionalities. This is the main reason Steve Jobs perceived that the technology would fail and thus was not keen about using it for iPads and iPhones. Recently, Pandora Media Ltd. shifted gears and moved on from Adobe’s Flash to HTML 5 which improves the load speed of a site.

 HTML 5 standard promises a perfect web experience, complete with enticing features and exciting graphics. Standard refers to the multiple techniques that can be deployed to handle diverse elements like graphics, videos and typography and achieve some genius in them.

 The interest of game developers in HTML 5 standard is quite evident from the initial stages itself, as they saw and experienced the pre-launch version of the same. Games based on HTML 5 might lag behind in terms of quick action and graphics as compared to PC games, but the best part is that users can enjoy HTML 5 games over the internet, without having to lure attention. 

At present, every web based business is involved in the strife to bag in maximum user time. Thus, it becomes essential to understand the psyche of user and think like one. HTML 5 standard empowers applications and devices to react as per the user’s requisites and thus render an unparalleled user experience.

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