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Find out new tools for website design and development

Integrated development environment applications, slide shows, visual effects- they do not have anything in common. However, the trend for the tools to integrate to develop a site remains apparent. An important objective for each of these tools is to improve some of the errors of the web so that you can concentrate on figuring out real problems without repeating the same problem. Let us know about some of the tools that can get you the finest experience in developing a web.

Adobe edge tools

It is a flash like animation equipment for Hyper Text Mark Up Language and a new good code editor that offers an effective mobile testing environment. This is a part of Adobe’s current beta program that becomes distinct after the release of Edge Tools.

Although, there is a shortcoming in it as the edges are a little rough, it has a winning element in the form of Edge fonts- Adobe’s free selection of web fonts. You can have access to this via CSS code. Do not forget to check out this new add-on. The typography for the web will become natural because of the Adobe edge tools. This web tool is available at free of cost.


If you have been watching television recently, you may have observed there is a strange obsession with the depth of the area going on. Particularly an effect known as “tilt shift” which gets the representation a type of miniaturized impression.

To get the effect there is a requirement of a high definition camera. However, you can get the same effect only with a bit of elaborate CSS.

This tool only functions on Safari 6 and Chrome but tiltShift.js is quite useful if you want to create an expensive “on location” impression for your pictures. Though, it is a jQuery plug in, you need to run that specific library for tiltShift.js to function. It is a free service, therefore you can have access to this anytime you want.


Server disruption or site maintenance, there are so many reasons why a website fails to function properly. However unless you get to know about it, you cannot put the situation to right. Nothing can be worse if your clients get unhappy with you. Fix this problem with StatusCake.  

It is a simple module that supervises websites constantly at intervals every five minutes and inform you either by SMS or mail or via Chrome when any disruptions occurs. You can also attach the monitor to either Pushover or Boxcar apps for the iPhone.

Monitor Backlinks

This tool is one of the best foundations of search engine rankings. The Monitor backlinks enable you to observe your clients if they are too much individualist.

You can have access to free Monitor Backlinks that enables you to supervise 10 backlinks but with paid service you can monitor 100 backlinks.

These are some of the essential tools for web development that you can get free of charge or can buy. Use this and experience the difference in website designing.


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