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Blogging is the idea of writing publicly on the World Wide Web. A blogger can write about anything, from news to ethics to parenting to fashion to ones daily living. There are many blogs on a large number of subjects, what you may decide to blog about is up to you, but it is suggested you write about things you are knowledgeable and/or passionate about. Blogging can even be an online diary for others to read. Perhaps you have adventures or experience you desire to share with the world, then a blog is a perfect place for you.

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There are many online blog building sites to help you get started. Many of them offer free blogs, with the ability to upgrade to a premium member for a fee.

As the world becomes more connected through the Internet, blogging is becoming more and more common. So you may think why should I blog when there are so many other blogs? Here are some reasons:

10 Reasons to blog

  1. Blogging can connect you with the world & you never know who is reading your blog
  2. Blogging allows you to communicate your thoughts and feelings
  3. Blogging can allow you to thoroughly think through your thoughts and opinions as you write
  4. Blogging can build you credibility
  5. Blogging can be an inspiration to those reading it
  6. Blogging can help others notice you and/or your business
  7. Blogging can boost your business
  8. Blogging allows you to promote yourself, ideas, business, and beliefs.
  9. Blogging may help you gain supporters
  10. Blogging can lead you to new places 

Eric Welke is an internet marketer, member of the Empower Network and runs a blog at EricWelke.com. He provides tips on training for network marketing and internet marketing businesses.

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