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GA App - Extend the power of Google Analytics

Extend the power of Google Analytics with these third party solutions.

I believe that every serious internet marketer or webmaster is using Google Analytics, as it is the best free tracking tool, with great functionality and no accuracy concerns, but have you ever think to extend the power of GA, I have picked some of the top 3rd party applications that can do this!

GA Data Grabber

GA Data Grabber is an advanced data visualization and analysis tool that eliminates manual data processing work and leads to significant time-savings. Used for quickly checking the latest figures, for automating regular KPI reporting, and for in-depth ad-hoc analysis. Works within MS Excel.

Features of GA Data Grabber include:

* Fetches and combines data from any number of Analytics profiles & AdWords clients
* Fetches any metrics that are available through the GA & AdWords APIs (including calculated metrics like bounce rates or average ad positions)
* Fetches up to a million rows of results
* Results can be split by dimensions, such as traffic source or search keyword
* Automatically generates charts & other visualizations from the data
* Automatically generates PowerPoint presentations of the results
* Results can be filtered by GA's 'advanced segments'
* Automatically calculates changes compared to the previous week or month, or to the same date range a year earlier

Nextanalytics for Excel

Nextanalytics is an Excel-based exploration tool that lets you build your own KPIs and metrics using data from Google Analytics. Interacting with GA data in Excel lets you create new KPIs and metrics, incorporate them into reports, and distribute your information with minimal effort.

Nextanalytics lets you explore Google Analytics data, browse up to seven dimensions and ten metrics at once. As you explore, data is downloaded to your PC, automatically pivoted, and shows valuable trends and patterns that emerge in real-time.
You can improve the presentation using Excel layout and formatting, charts, and its many numerical, text, and statistical functions. Nextanalytics supplements Excel with over one hundred analytic functions designed to facilitate KPI and metrics creation. Used together, Excel and Nextanalytics give you the tools to create almost any KPI or metric.
Nextanalytics also makes Excel into the perfect environment for distribution of KPIs and metrics. Automatically refreshable reports can be easily designed and distributed. You can build entire dashboards based in Excel, incorporating data from multple GA data sets as well as data from other sources.


A free solution that lets you integrate Google Analytics data and matching Voice of Customer (VoC) survey feedback from your visitors into GA reports. Get a more comprehensive understanding of the intent behind each visit and identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses by different visitor groups.

Combine Google Analytics clickstream data with 4Q survey data points including: Overall Satisfaction, Purpose of Visit (why visitors came to your site) and Task Completion (whether they were able to complete their tasks). Using customizable GA reports, you can easily slice and dice the integrated data set to better measure your site’s performance against your online business objectives and optimize your site.

Highlights of reporting capabilities include:
* Tracking satisfaction rates for specific visitor groups to better evaluate landing pages, exit pages, search keywords, traffic sources and campaigns.
* Measuring conversion rates against task completion rates to gain a better understanding of the conversion cycle.
* Comparing satisfaction rates by time on site, pages visited, sections visited and geographic region.
* Examining time on site by task completion to distinguish between visitors struggling to find information and those positively engaged on the site.

WordStream Keyword Management for SEO
WordStream Keyword Management for SEO is the ultimate keyword research tool, designed to help you discover your most relevant and profitable keyword opportunities, then organize and act on those keywords to drive traffic and leads through better organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Product Features:

* Keyword Discovery: WordStream provides relevant keyword suggestions & synonyms pulled from our database of search queries, giving you the language to build pages that speak to your prospective customers.
* Personalized Keyword Research: We mine your Web site's analytics data, uncovering the terms people are already using to find your site. Mining your analytics data is a great source of new keyword opportunities and insights for your business.
* Keyword Analytics: Provides accurate visit and goal data for your keywords on an ongoing basis.
* Keyword Organization: Grouping & organization capabilities help you segment your keyword list into an effective structure so you can, identify content opportunities and create an SEO-friendly information architecture.
* Content Authoring: The WordStream SEO for Firefox plug-in connects your keyword research with your content creation efforts

Analytics Visualizations
Visualizations powered by the Google Analytics API and JuiceKit. The Referrer Flow visualization answers what sites are linking to you and what content is benefiting the most. The Keyword visualization displays the most frequently used search keywords and how they are used together.

We were approached by the Google Analytics API team to find ways to explore new ways of looking at data with the API, and we were excited by the possibilities. We've been working on our own visualization framework, JuiceKit, that integrates the power of the Flare Visualization Library with Adobe Flex.

In designing these visualizations we focused on the question: how can we let users uncover the unexpected? That means designing targeted visualizations focused on limited well-defined issues. The Referrer Flow maniacally focuses on a single question "What pages are people viewing on your site and where are they coming from?" The Keyword Tree is laser-focused on word ordering and what that means for keyword performance.
Have you ever used any of this Google Analytics apps? Or any other? Do you think this can be useful for tracking and understanding better web traffic?



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