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Stop worrying about your lost files, recover them with big ease!

Stop worrying about your lost files, recover them with big ease!

Are you in massive woe, because you have lost the only file that you’re working on? We can feel the sheer panic and absolute anger you’re going through right now, as we have seen such situations before as well, where hard drive or file crashes, having crucial information that you rely on. Such situations, always lead to disappointment and tears, especially when you cannot do anything!

lost file recoveryWell, if you’re one of those victims, who have recently lost important files, and are looking for data recovery solutions, then stop your search here and rejoice!... because, you have the solutions right in front of your eyes. Your problem can be solved quickly, only if you show some patience while reading this important piece of information. We are going to share some free data recovery tools, which you can install on your Mac and recover lost files. So, relax, make yourself comfortable and read the information below:

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is an exceptional freeware tool, precisely developed for Mac OS X users. Disk Drill works efficiently to protect your important files from accidental removal. It offers “Recovery Vault” feature, which allows you to restore your lost data from hard drive. Disk Drill not only allows you to restore back the files, but also its initials, such as file name and path. Disk Drill helps you in recovering Mac file system types, such as HFS, HFS+, and FAT32 partitions. In addition, it also allows you to monitor the health of your hard disk. It regularly notifies you about the potential failures or any other related issues.

Disk Drill also allows you to easily back-up data from failing hard disks or partitions. With this tool, you can recover data into any other disk with big ease, which can be later used to mount for data recovery. In addition, it offers quick scan, which allows you to find deleted files both on FAT and NTFS type of disks. The scanning process is fast and accurate, but it will not help you find data deleted long time ago. Disk Drill is effective and works like a robot!

Mac Data Recovery

It is an amazing data recovery tool, specifically designed for Mac systems. Mac Data Recovery tool offers essential data recovery utilities, which help you restore lost files and data from your Mac. It allows you to retrieve data from file systems, such as HFS, HFS+, and FAT. In addition, it also allows you to recover data from damaged hard drives. Some of the best things about Mac Data Recovery tool are:

  • It allows you to recover all types of formats
  • It helps you to recover formats, such as video, photos, emails, music, and PDF
  • Mac Data Recovery doesn’t only support data recovery from internal hard drives, but also from external devices, such USB drives and memory cards.
  • It is capable enough to cater for both Intel Based and PowerPC Mac systems.
  • Mac Data Recovery is a read only application and it will not affect your hard drive or Mac OS X.

So, you can install it on your Mac without any fear and restore all your lost files and data instantly.


This guest article has been contributed by Tim Edmonds, a freelance technical writer interested in Mac YouTube downloader software and new ways on how to download YouTube Mac.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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