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5 Strategies to Become Successful Amazon Affiliate Partner

5 Strategies to Become Successful Amazon Affiliate Partner
People already know about Amazon and this company already has strong reputation in online ecommerce market, so you don't need to do a lot of marketing in order to convince people to buy from Amazon. Although the commission is a bit low as compared with other affiliate networks, you can make steady sales from Amazon. Here are 5 strategies to become successful Amazon affiliate partner:

1. Use Squidoo
If you want to become a successful Amazon affiliate, Squidoo is the best place to start if you don't already know where to start. Squidoo is a web 2.0 property designed to promote Amazon products. It has partnership with Amazon, and it will let the lensmasters to earn money from Amazon. You can build many lenses that focus on specific Amazon products, and if you're smart in finding good keywords, your lenses will get ranked by search engines within hours. However, I suggest you to use your own Amazon affiliate ID instead of Squidoo links so that you can receive full commission from each product that you sell via your lens.

2. Write lots of reviews
The key to success in playing with Amazon is really to write lots of product reviews. This is the best way you can do to convert most of your content into sales. Just writing content that's not targeted specifically to the products will only make you disappointed. People who are looking for reviews for specific product are usually the ones that will end up buying that product. Thus, you need to write good reviews for each product that you promote. The quality of your reivew will affect your sales. Usually, personal review will work best in converting your traffic into sales.

3. Be aware of holidays and special events
Holidays and special events are the moment when people are ready to spend money to buy products. For instance, Christmas and New Year are the moment that will drive people to buy toys and other kids' stuff. Another event such as Valentine Day will encourage people to buy romantic gifts for their partners. As an Amazon affiliate, you need to be aware of those events because those are your goldmine. Always prepare a good landing page few weeks before those events to reap many seasonal sales when the time comes. An example would be to build a website about gift ideas for Christmas just several weeks or months before Christmas.

4. Create list of products
People love to read list of products that they want to buy. You can create articles that tell them about your most recommended products such as top 10 gift ideas for Valentine day or my top 10 recommended baby products. Those list of products will give your audience the interest to buy the products. People are interested to read these types of product list because they want someone to guide them in their shopping. For instance, when people are unsure about what shoes they need to buy for school, you can offer them list of the best shoes that they can use for school. It will help them to decide, and you'll get easy sales from this simple effort.

5. Build a specialized review website
The last tip I want to give you is to build a specialized review website to promote your Amazon products. This is actually a niche website, but it is specialized to promote a specific product in Amazon. For instance, if you want to promote specific product such as notebook, you can create a website consisting of 6 pages. The first 5 pages will be articles related to notebook, such as how to choose the best notebook for work, how to choose the best notebook for gaming, and so on. The last page in your website will be a review page, detailing why your product is the best choice for your readers. By building this kind of review website, you will be able to attract more consistent sales because you're establishing your own website, not using other people's web property. It will become a passive income for you.

Those are the strategies you can use to become a successful Amazon affiliate partner. If you want to make steady commission from Amazon, you should apply the strategies above in your promotion.

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