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SEO And PPC: Two Strategies Are Better Than One

The Benefits of Having SEO and PPC Working Together

Many businesses conduct one-sided SEO and isolated ad campaigns because they feel as though they need to devote their attention entirely to either pay per click ads or search engine optimization. What these businesses fail to realize is that SEO and PPC are not mutually exclusive. What is more, they work better when used together.

Is It Always Right To Share?
Some businesses are against sharing keywords between their SEO and PPC campaigns; the logic being that if a visitor clicks on a paid link that already ranks highly on the organic search, the company essentially loses money it did not need to spend. Although this is a valid concern for growing businesses who would like to minimize their budget, larger enterprises know that dominating both, organic and paid, results increases site traffic and indicates your company as an established presence.

Using Your PPC To Inform Your SEO And Vice Versa
By running SEO and PPC campaigns simultaneously, you can generate data to improve and fine-tune both your projects. Pay per click data usually rolls in much quicker than organic data. Using this information, you can tailor your page content, title tags, and meta descriptions to reflect your highest converting keywords. In a similar way, when you enable site search for your website, you can build your PPC campaigns around the most frequently searched for terms on your own site. Before deciding to target new keywords in your content, you can test them out with a PPC campaign. The feedback you receive can clue you up on whether your potential keywords are worth the effort.

Get Accurate And Get Targeting
With Google AdWords, your ads are able to link directly to a product page rather than a home page. These new ads are more accurate and can drive traffic yet another step closer to making that target action and completing a sale. You can also use social media marketing to your advantage; with Facebook, it is now possible to target an incredibly specific age and interest group. Combine this with ads that take visitors to high-quality landing pages, and a few well-placed calls to action, and your e-commerce efforts will start to pay off.

Let PPC Be Your PR Expert
Just as you can pay to trigger your ads with competitive keywords, you can also pay for negative ones. A company undergoing a bit of unfavorable publicity can ensure their side of the story gets told by investing in a little bit of PPC damage control. BP did this with the keyword “oil spill,” which triggered a PPC ad that directed users to publicity on the cleanup effort.

Start thinking about synthesizing your SEO and PPC strategies; your rankings and your site traffic will thank you. Besides SEO and PPC, you should also consider branching out into social media to promote your brand image and additional traffic. With Google placing more value in social media in its search ranking factors, it would be wise to register a Google+ account with a free invite. Promoting your company through Google+ could positively affect your search engine rankings, as many SEO experts are beginning to notice.

There are still improvements and substantial changes being made to Google+ but you can still register for a free account to see all the current benefits and features. Invites to Google+ are gradually rolling out and have a limited supply at times. So get your invite today while you still can.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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