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5 Ways Your Web Hosting Affects Your Online Marketing

When it comes to precious commodities, time and money are up there. Yet these are also the top two things everybody loves to save on. But when you are choosing a webhost, the cheapest option is not likely to be the best choice for your business' online marketing strategy. Here is a rundown of what to look for and why when choosing your webhost.

1.SEO, and when it comes to the rules, it's best to play by the ones set out by Google. 

Over 60% of shoppers now research their purchases of products and services online before buying. So when you are marketing your products or services on your super new website, it's a given that you want it to be near the top of the Search Engine Results Pages. Now you can employee a Search Engine Optimization expert to structure your pages correctly, build up a healthy backlink profile and develop your social media strategy, but did you know that Google now also includes in its search algorithm how fast your web pages load? So the key here is to make sure your website can load quickly and always has the available computing resources to serve the webpages being requested by visitors. Our big hint here is to stay away from shared hosting as it can’t guarantee you the resources when you might need them, Virtual Private Servers are a much better choice as they guarantee a fixed amount of resources for a competitive price.

2. The need for speed to convert those sales

Speed is not just a concern when trying to perform well in the Search Engine Ranking Results. Leave your potential customers hanging about too long while complex webpages take an age to download is only a recipe for one thing; your customers clicking the back button and heading off to another rival website that loads much faster. So make sure you have enough resources to serve all your visitors when needed so choose a webhosting package that can handle your traffic requirements.

3. Uptime

Web servers need to be maintained, and that means regular security upgrades to the operating system or applications on the server that allow your webserver and associated applications to run. Sometimes that means your server needs to be taken down and usually brought back up quickly to allow the upgrade. Look for a reliable webhost here that knows how to test their upgrades and minimise any kind of disruption to your website.

4. When things go wrong who you going to call?

It happens, you’re configuring something on the webserver and all of a sudden something goes snap. So consider this; with your websites down, you’re losing potential customers by the hour. This means 24 hour support is a must if you are serious about business continuity and support that gets answered promptly is an even bigger factor. Our experience has been the bigger more established players in webhosting have the better help services as they have the resources to dedicate . Also a webhosting firm that keeps a robust backup procedure can dig you out of a hole if you’ve fouled up your website beyond repair. And don’t just rely on your webhosts backup of your website.

5. Security, keep your customers details safe or face the wrath

Nothing is surer to spoil the party than having to go to your customers and explain why maybe they might need change their password, username & email address because we maybe used a badly configured webserver and thieves might have made off with your details. In these situations a response of 'don’t worry we are at least 75% sure they will not sell them on the black market' isn't going to go down well. So webhosting should be professional and have the security expertise to keep the bad guys at bay.

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Friday, 09 December 2022
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