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How to Double Organic Traffic?

Many companies offer PPC optimization services as alternative to organic traffic or as an extra. Right now, I would like to tell you that it is proven that PPC traffic doesn’t convert traffic into sales like organic traffic and have much lower ROI.

How to double organic traffic?

Doubling organic traffic targeting more competitive keywords isn’t easy task and takes time, without guarantee for success.  Reputable SEOs would try to double the traffic from existing rankings with quickly amending title and placements and trying to achieve higher rank for existing ranked keywords. I suggest you follow our SEO process guide and understand how things work clearly.

How to get organic traffic?

I believe that the best strategy is to use ethical methods and stick to basics, but I know that many companies or individuals don’t know from where to start. Here I will give you a basic guide to build your campaign properly.

  1. Fresh content – search engines loves fresh content, that’s why blogging have become so popular. Many companies get a website developed and completely forget to make constant tweaking and adding new content for years.
  2. Link building – equal to fresh quality content link building plays major role for achieving and keeping SERP stable. Diversify link building as much as possible; there are so many ways to get new links on daily basis without raising the flag or using any unethical methods. If you get 5 back links a day you will have more than 1500 links per year and this will definitely outsmart the competition. Take a look at our link building infographic for some fresh ideas and strategies related to link building divesification.
  3. Social media – new signal that starting to play major role, especially with top social networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. This is the best and fastest way to keep your existing customers informed and strengthen up the relationship with them, as well as excellent method for brand building.
  4. Keyword tweaking – there is always a trend related to keywords for any niche. Keep your keywords up to date, use Google Trends, Google Insight and Keyword Tools to see if there is a change in estimation for keywords. Focus on both short and long tail keywords; build your short and long term SEO strategy.
  5. Spread the word – reputation management is very important, spread the word through forums, blogs and press releases, keep everything consistent. Use gravatar and avatars that are the same. I have seen many examples when top keyword is actually the company name, this may mean that your reputation management strategy is working well.

If you are not familiar with SEO, I suggest you follow official guidelines; there are few basics steps that should be followed, but give a lot of freedom and space for brainstorming. In addition, not every niche should use the same strategy, definitely you need to find your own way to drive relevant and stable traffic from relevant websites, main reason I would suggest not to follow guides written for other irrelevant niche, those simply will not work well for you.

Before jumping blindly into conclusions and start any action, the best strategy is to write your SEO outline and build long and short term strategy, ideally you haven’t started developing and designing your websites, but if you have existing project, rely on your tracking tools, trying to improve conversion and set goals, which will undercover which keywords and referrers convert better.

SEO takes time and it is not a rocket science, just need good discipline and consistency. Stick to those 5 tips and for sure you will be successful.

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