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VOIP is a cutting edge technology pivotal for every business type

Voice over internet protocol was invented by Danny Cohen in 1973. Since then the system has met demands of quality voice over communications. By 1986 various standard organizations were asking for its services for commercial purpose. In 1995 the first internet phone software got released to meet these demands; however, the major development occurred in 2004 when mass market VOIP service was introduced. They worked pretty much like public switched telephone networks in infrastructure but were better than them in quality of services. Ever since then there has been no looking back for the VOIP providers.   

At first hand a VOIP may seem yet another communication technology to reach the farfetched consumer markets and business partners however, this statement does not justify VOIP. The immense growth of VOIP ever since 1973, revels that it has been much more than just another communication device. I was introduced to VOIP by VOIPdito hosted business VOIP conference at a business meet. There I got to know about the several advantages of using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) in a business. I would try to discuss these benefits briefly in this article.  

To start from, the biggest advantage of VOIP over standard telephonic services is the cost. The standard rates of internet calls to other VOIP networks are much lower than that of a public telephone. For example VOIPdito hosted phone system offers various low cost schemes to suit various requirements of different business types. Likewise other VOIP providers may offer different cost beneficial discounts or complimentary services. 

Also, since they are globally well connected protocols, they automatically reduce the cost of international calls; in fact most of the time calls between two same VOIP users are usually free. VOIP can also be benefitted for reducing infrastructure cost and operational cost. For example a VOIPdito hosted phone system makes my routine calls over existing data which in return avoids a different voice and data networks. The VOIPdito hosted business VOIP conference also explained the working of VOIP. Like how dedicated VOIP forms a direct connection to Wi-Fi or Ethernet with the help of traditionally designed digital telephones. 

 Some of the VOIP phone services like VOIPdito hosted phone system are specifically designed to meet huge communication demands of big corporate houses. Such VOIP are flexible, quick and are cutting edge technology that enables a business to save money, time by offering various facilities. There facilities may include low calling rates, simultaneous calls, unlimited domestic calling, and free subscription for a month or so.

While attending the seminar, my mind was flashing back to all the troubles that I had undergone due to the bad services by the public telephone system that I was using for my business. I was fed up of the expenses, disturbances and its limitations. I decided to switch to the VOIPdito hosted business VOIP immediately. I got several luring offers and quality services from the hosts. Indeed, it has become a pivotal technical assistance that every business firm should avail in order to work smoothly all around the world.       

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022
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